10 Facts about Armistice Day

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Facts about Armistice Day talk about the public holiday celebrated by the people on 11 November. This holiday coincides with Veteran Day and Remembrance Day. Can you guess the purpose of Armistice Day? It is used to commemorate the people killed during the World War I. Here are some interesting facts about Armistice Day below:

Facts about Armistice Day 1: the national holiday

In many allied nations, Armistice Day is considered as a national holiday. The people commemorate it on 11 November. But the people will commemorate the day on 4th November in Italy.

Facts about Armistice Day 2: the neutrality

There are several countries which do not commemorate the Armistice Day because they want to stay neutral. Those Are Norway, Denmark and Netherlands.

Facts about Armistice Day

Facts about Armistice Day

Facts about Armistice Day 3: the first day of Armistice Day

The Buckingham palace was the first place to hold the commemoration of the very first Armistice Day.  At that time, the Banquet of Honor was commenced by King George V for President of French Republic on 10 November 1919 in the evening.

Facts about Armistice Day 4: the first official armistice day

On 11th November 1919, the first official Armistice Day was held on the Grounds of Buckingham Palace.  Then it is very popular for the people to celebrate the Remembrance Day on 11th November.

Armistice Day and War

Armistice Day and War

Facts about Armistice Day 5: the changes of the name

After the World War I was over, many people decided to change the name of the Armistice Day into the Remembrance Day. The national day used not only to commemorate those who got killed during the World War I but also to honor the veterans.

Facts about Armistice Day 6: Remembrance Day

The countries or states which take the Remembrance Day’s name are United Kingdom and Canada. The people in United States call it Veteran Day or All Veterans Day. It is used to honor the military veterans.

Armistice Day Pic

Armistice Day Pic

Facts about Armistice Day 7: the Armistice Day name

The countries which still use the Armistice Day name include Belgium and France. Since 2012, Serbia picks Armistice Day as the statutory holiday.

Facts about Armistice Day 8: New Zealand

In New Zealand, people commemorate the Armistice Day with special ceremony. However, it is not included as a public holiday in the country.

Armistice Day Photo

Armistice Day Photo

Facts about Armistice Day 9: a two minute moment

The two minute moment of silence is very important during the Armistice Day at 11 am. The first minute is used to respect the 20 million people killed in World War I. The second minute is used to commemorate the persons who are left behind such as the families, wives and children. Get facts about Anzacs here.

Facts about Armistice Day 10: Sir Percy Fitzpatrick

Sir Percy Fitzpatrick was the South African who proposed the two minutes silence in 1919 to Lord Milner.

Facts about Armistice Day

Facts about Armistice Day

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