10 Facts about Army

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Facts about Army tell you about the fighting force which focuses on the battle on land. A nation or state in the world must have a land service branch or even land based military branch. The word army has various kinds of definition depending on the way the state or nation defines it. It can mean field army or even national military force. Get more facts about army in the following post below:

Facts about Army 1: the land army

There are several countries which define the army as specifically land army. It is used to make a clear distinction between the air army and air force with the land army.

Facts about Army 2: the largest army in the world

Let’s find out the largest army in the world seen from the number of the active troops. The record is held by People’s Liberation Army of China. It has 2,250,000 active troops. The reserve personnel are 800,000 people. The Indian army takes the second place. The active troops are 1,129,000. The reserve personnel are 2,142,900 people. Get facts about American veterans here.

Army Facts

Army Facts

Facts about Army 3: the history of army in India

One of the earliest army in the world was in India. At first, the country only had a short guard force in the Indus Valley civilization. Then the city states and kingdoms in India began to form their army to protect the city after the Aryan invasion.

Facts about Army 4: Battle of the Ten Kings

One of the famous battles in India was Battle of the Ten Kings.  This battle was very dramatic since an alliance of ten kings was defeated by a Hindu king.

Army Picture

Army Picture

Facts about Army 5: China

The culture of china is one of the oldest in the world. The army in China has been raised for more than 1000 years.

Facts about Army 6: Sparta

One of the oldest known professional army was the Spartan army. At the age of seven, the boys will be sent to the barracks to become a soldier. They could have a family and raise a kid after they were 30 years old. Then they will serve Sparta in the war until they were 60 years old.

Army Image

Army Image

Facts about Army 7: a Lieutenant General

A Lieutenant General will be the commander of the corps. One corp. can be divided into two or several divisions.

Facts about Army 8: Major General

Major General is the leader in each division. It usually consists of three brigades which include the communication, engineers, and artillery and infantry units.

Facts about Army

Facts about Army

Facts about Army 9: a Brigadier General

A Brigadier General will be in charge for the Brigade. Get facts about Albert Jacka here.

Facts about Army 10: Battalion

There are around 500 to 750 soldiers in each battalion. The leader is a colonel or lieutenant colonel.

Facts about Army US

Facts about Army US

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