10 Facts about Arnold Palmer

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Facts about Arnold Palmer talk about the famous legendary golfer.  He began learning to swing the stick of golf at the age of three. His teacher was his father who liked to take him to Latrobe Country Club golf pro. Palmer is considered as a very successful golfer for he is the first person who creates $1 million layering golf. He also won in more than 90 golf tournaments.  He also made golf popular among the people. Here are some interesting facts about Arnold Palmer for you:

Facts about Arnold Palmer 1: the Arnie’s Army

The Arnie’s Army was the fans of Palmer. They always follow the golf superstar when he was on the PGA Tour Events.

Facts about Arnold Palmer 2: a businessman

He also became a businessman after he gained a lot of money from his golf skill. He created the golf ventures such as Golf Channel.

Arnold Palmer Facts

Arnold Palmer Facts

Facts about Arnold Palmer 3: Bud Worsham

Bud Worsham was the roommate of Palmer when he was in Wake Forest. He died in car accident and it made Palmer quit the Wake Forest. He decided to join the United States Coast Guard.

Facts about Arnold Palmer 4: Winnie (Walzer) Palmer

Winnie was the name of the first wife of Palmer. After knowing her for only three days, he proposed her. Both married on 20 December 1954. She passed away on 20 November 1999. On 26 January 2005 until this present Palmer is married to Kathleen Gawthrop. He has two children with Winni Palmer. Both are Amy and Peggy.

Arnold Palmer Now

Arnold Palmer Now

Facts about Arnold Palmer 5: date of birth and parents

His mother was Doris M. Palmer. His father was golf club pro named Milfred Jerome Deacon Palmer. Arnold was born on 10 September 1929 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania as Arnold Daniel Palmer.

Facts about Arnold Palmer 6: education

In 1947 till 1951, he was educated in Wake Forest College but he dropped out in his senior year. In 1951 till 1954, he was in US Coast Guard. Get facts about Andy Murray here.

Arnold Palmer Golfer

Arnold Palmer Golfer

Facts about Arnold Palmer 7: the career in 1954

He began his career in 1954 by winning the US Golf Association Amateur Championship.  Then he turned into pro in November 1954 after he earned Wilson Sporting Goods sponsorship contract.

Facts about Arnold Palmer 8: The Masters

Arnold Palmer won The Masters in 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964.

Arnold Palmer Pic

Arnold Palmer Pic

Facts about Arnold Palmer 9: the final appearance

He made the final appearance in US open in 1994 and in British Open in 1995. Check another sport in archery facts.

Facts about Arnold Palmer 10: awards

President George W. Bush awarded him with Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004. In 2012, he was awarded with Congressional Gold Medal.

Facts about Arnold Palmer

Facts about Arnold Palmer

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