10 Facts about Arpanet

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Let me show you one of the technologies in the world in Facts about Arpanet. Arpanet stands for The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. It is considered as the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP or the packet switching network.

Facts about Arpanet 1: internet

The technology of Arpanet was very important to set the foundation of Internet. The fund for this technology research was from Advanced Research Projects Agency. Then it was called DARPA.

Facts about Arpanet 2: the base of the design and concept

Who created the base for the Arpanet’s design and concept? They were Lawrence Roberts of the Lincoln Laboratory, Americans Leonard Kleinrock and Paul Baran and British scientist Donald Davies.

Arpanet Facts

Arpanet Facts

Facts about Arpanet 3: The TCP/IP communication protocols

The computer scientists who developed the TCP/IP communication protocols were Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf.

Facts about Arpanet 4: Packet switching

At that time, Packet switching was used for Arpanet. Today, the packet switching is used as the main basis in data communication in the world.

Arpanet Technology

Arpanet Technology

Facts about Arpanet 5: J. C. R. Licklider of Bolt

J. C. R. Licklider of Bolt was the computer scientist who formulated the ideas for a computer network. By having the network, it enabled the computer users who had general communication. The scientist proposed the idea in “Intergalactic Computer Network” in April 1963. Based on his ideas, there are many features that you can find in contemporary internet.

Facts about Arpanet 6: the complete plan for a computer network

The complete plan for a computer network has been proposed by Taylor by the mid 1968 after getting the approval from ARPA. There were 140 bidders involved in a Request for Quotation. Get facts about antivirus here.



Facts about Arpanet 7: the successful message

An UCLA student programmer named Charley Kline sent the first successful message on Arpanet on 19 October at 10:30. Kline did it from Boleter Hall 3420.

Facts about Arpanet 8: the host computer in the first message

The first message was transferred to the Stanford Research Institute’s SDS 940 Host computer from university’s SDS Sigma 7 Host computer by Kline. At first, Kline wanted to transfer the i and the o letters. But it was failed due to the crashed system. Finally, he could transfer the message text login to the host computer in Stanford Research Institute.

Facts about Arpanet

Facts about Arpanet

Facts about Arpanet 9: the permanent link of Arpanet

The first permanent link of Arpanet was established between the IMP at UCLA and Stanford Research Institute on 21st November 1969.

Facts about Arpanet 10: the four node network

The four node network was formed by December 1969.

Arpanet Computer

Arpanet Computer

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