10 Facts about Arsenal FC

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If you want to know one of the most respectable football clubs in United Kingdom, you have to check Facts about Arsenal FC. This professional football club plays for the Premier league. It is considered as the football top tier in England. The base for this football club is located in Holloway. Have you seen Arsenal played in the green field? You must be impressed since this club has a great track record as a winner. Here are some interesting facts about Arsenal FC.

Facts about Arsenal FC 1: the winners

Let’s find out the winning record of Arsenal FC. Arsenal earned 11 FA Cups and 13 First Division and Premier League titles.

Facts about Arsenal FC 2: the establishment

Arsenal was established in Woolwich in 1886 it. It joined the Football League in 1893. It took the record as the first club from south of England who could play in Football League.

Arsenal FC Facts

Arsenal FC Facts

Facts about Arsenal FC 3: moving

Then Arsenal FC moved in 1913 to reach the Arsenal Stadium in Highbury. Arsenal became one of the competitive football clubs in 1930 since it earned two FA Cups and five League Championship titles.

Facts about Arsenal FC 4: Arsenal in 21st Century

The professional career of Arsenal was amazing in the beginning of 21st century.  They competed in the final of 2006 UEFA Champions League.

Arsenal FC Pic

Arsenal FC Pic

Facts about Arsenal FC 5: the rival

The fierce rivalry can be seen between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur because both are neighboring each other.

Facts about Arsenal FC 6: Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell was the first manager of Arsenal FC. He joined the club in 1897. Actually there were 18 permanent and 5 caretaker managers in the history of Arsenal FC.

Arsenal FC Logo

Arsenal FC Logo

Facts about Arsenal FC 7: the longest serving manager

Can you guess the longest serving manager of Arsenal? He is Arsene Wenger. He joined the club in 1996. Get facts about Arsene Wenger here.

Facts about Arsenal FC 8: the only manager outside UK

Do you know that Arsene Wenger was the only Arsenal FC manager who came outside UK? He was from France.

Facts about Arsenal FC

Facts about Arsenal FC

Facts about Arsenal FC 9: the fan base and income

Due to the popularity of Arsenal not only in UK, but also in other countries in the world, it has the largest fan bases and highest income in the world.

Facts about Arsenal FC 10: the net worth

Based on the report in 2014, Forbes placed Arsenal in the fifth position of the most valuable football club in the world. It had the net worth of £1.3 billion.

Arsenal FC Image

Arsenal FC Image

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