10 Facts about Arson

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Let me tell you the crime of setting fire to building maliciously and intentionally in Facts about Arson.  The crime can be conducted by firing the property, vehicles or even wild areas.  The main intention of doing arson is to damage and destroy the property and buildings.  Find out more facts about arson by reading the following post below:

Facts about Arson 1: the unintentional fire

The act of arson is conducted intentionally and maliciously. It is very different with the natural wildfires and spontaneous combustion which occur due to the unintentional effect.

Facts about Arson 2: why people do arson?

There are many reasons on why people set the fire to a building or property. One of them is because they want to get the compensation from the insurance company.

Arson Crime

Arson Crime

Facts about Arson 3: the people who conducted this crime

Use the word arsonist if you want to call the person who conducts the crime.

Facts about Arson 4: how to set the fire

To propel, set, and ignite the fire, the accelerants such as kerosene and gasoline are used by the arsonist.

Arson Facts

Arson Facts

Facts about Arson 5: the English common law of arson

Let’s find out the English common law for arson. The elements included the malicious, burning, of the dwelling and of another.

Facts about Arson 6: the degree of arson

Arson crime is divided in several degrees. The degree is determined by the use of the property, value of the property and the time of arson act.

Arson Law

Arson Law

Facts about Arson 7: the first degree arson

The first degree arson is applied if you burn a school. This condition occurs when the arsonist burns an occupied building or domain.

Facts about Arson 8: the second degree arson

The second degree arson applies when the arsonist burns the unoccupied building.  The third degree applies for the arsonist who burns an abandoned building or area.

Arson Pic

Arson Pic

Facts about Arson 9: the arson law in United States

The elements of arson in United States are differentiated based on the jurisdictions. The first degree arson usually is applied when there is a person injured or killed in the burning. The arsonist who uses this act as a form of homicide can be sentenced to death. Get facts about abuse here.

Facts about Arson 10: arson in New York

There are five degrees of arson in New York.  The arsonist can be sentenced into 25 years to life if he or she commits a Class A-1 felony. Each state in US has its own law for arson.

Facts about Arson

Facts about Arson

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