10 Facts about Art

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Facts about Art tell you the product of human created based on the technical and imaginative skills. There are various forms of art. You can study painting, sculpture, visual media, photography or even printmaking. If you study hard, you can go to college and choose art as the major. You will love to study about the history of art, criticism of art and production of art. Here are some interesting facts about art for you:

Facts about Art 1: Architecture

Is architecture included as a type of art?  It is an example of visual arts. You can find magnificent, unique and modern architecture all over the world from the ancient time to modern time. One of the best examples in the ancient time can be seen in the Colloseum in Rome and Parthenon Temple in Athens.

Facts about Art 2: the performing arts

Besides the visual art, you can study the performing arts which include dance, film, movie, theatre and music. Therefore, the definition of art is not only seen on painting, crafts, and sculpture.

Art Deco Pattern

Art Deco Pattern

Facts about Art 3: art and culture

Art cannot be separated from culture. Both of them always go side by side for a very long time. Art is often used in dances, performance and rituals.

Facts about Art 4: art nouveau

Art Nouveau is a style of art flourished in France. It means new art. It was inspired from the nature. The art involves the usage of curved, floral and plant pattern. Get art nouveau facts here.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Facts about Art 5: art deco

Another style of art is art deco. It is totally different from art nouveau for it focuses more on the geometric style. It involves with the usage of polka dot,  rectangles, squares or even spheres.

Facts about Art 6: Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci is one of the famous artists in the world. His wonderful painting is Mona Lisa. You can view this painting is Louvre Museum in Paris. It is located inside the bullet proof glass.



Facts about Art 7: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is a pop artist who makes the mass production of art. He focused his art by making the posters of artists such as Marilyn Monroe. He used the bold colors on his art. Get facts about Andy Warhol here.

Facts about Art 8: the painters

Some of the famous painters in the world include Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Raphael, Arcimboldo, and many more.

Facts about Art

Facts about Art

Facts about Art 9: the style of art

Besides art nouveau and art deco, there are many other styles of art. Those include abstract, romantic, abstract expressionism, gothic, and modern style.

Facts about Art 10: museum

If you are interested to know different kinds of art in the world, you can go to the museum. The biggest one is Louvre in Paris.

Art Pic

Art Pic

Are you impressed reading facts about art?

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