10 Facts about Art Deco

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If you are interested to know the visual art which flourished in 1920s in the world, you have to check Facts about Art Deco.  The first appearance of this art was in France after the World War I was over. Then in 1920s until 1940s, it gained the popularity globally. After the World War II, the popularity of art deco decreased rapidly. Here are some interesting facts about art deco below:

Facts about Art Deco 1: what is art deco?

Can you define art deco? This eclectic style represents the mixture of the machine age materials and imagery with traditional craft motifs.

Facts about Art Deco 2: the decorative aspects

If you want to know whether the style is art deco or not, you can check out the decorative aspects. It is often infused with lavish embellishment, bold geometric shapes and rich colors. Check facts about applique here.

Art Deco Facts

Art Deco Facts

Facts about Art Deco 3: the difference between the art Nouveau and art deco

Art Nouveau is often characterized with nature inspired form and structure.  Art deco focuses on the embrace of technology that you will never find in art Nouveau.  Moreover, art deco also uses the symmetrical style, the usage of machine, new material and rectilinear style.

Facts about Art Deco 4: the peak of art deco

When art deco reached the peak, it often presented the technology progress, glamour and luxury.

Art Deco

Art Deco

Facts about Art Deco 5: the geometric forms

You can also see the different types of geometric forms in art deco. You can find sunburst motifs, zigzags, rectangles, spheres, chevrons, trapezoids and polygons. Most of them are in symmetrical pattern and motif.

Facts about Art Deco 6: the materials

The materials used in art deco feature the modern style. The artists use plastic, lacquers, inlays, stained glass, Bakelite, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome. It has vivid and sharp colors.

Art Deco Pattern

Art Deco Pattern

Facts about Art Deco 7: a popular style

Art deco is considered as one of the popular styles in the world. It can be found in clock, jewelry, china, cookware, telephones, radios, jukeboxes, fashion, cinema, graphic art, interior design, fashion, architecture, automobile and many more.

Facts about Art Deco 8: the public works

There were several public works built based on the art deco style such as the movie palaces, ocean liners, amusements parks and railway stations.

Facts about Art Deco

Facts about Art Deco

Facts about Art Deco 9: art deco in US

The art deco in United States can be seen some buildings located in Miami Beach, Florida. Get facts about art here.

Facts about Art Deco 10: the theater

If you want to know the example of art deco theater, you can go to Fargo Thretrein Fargo, North Dakota.

Art Deco Building

Art Deco Building

Are you impressed after reading facts about Art Deco?

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