10 Facts about Art Nouveau

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Facts about Art Nouveau talk about the style of architecture and art. In 1890 to 1910, Art Nouveau was very popular in the world. The name of this style was taken from French. In English, it means new art. Actually it has many names depending on the country. If you are interested to know more about this decorative art, you can check the following post below:

Facts about Art Nouveau 1: The inspiration

Art Nouveau is always associated with plants and flowers. There is no need to wonder that the main inspiration of this style is from the natural structures and forms. Besides flowers and plants, the artists also use the curved lines.

Facts about Art Nouveau 2: a total art style

Art Nouveau is called as a total art style for it can be found in various aspects of life. You can see this style applied in the decorative arts, graphic art, architectures, interior design, utensils, furniture, household silver, fine arts, textiles and lighting.

Art Nouveau Painting

Art Nouveau Painting

Facts about Art Nouveau 3: living in Art Nouveau house

Many European think that it is very likely for you to live inside a house created in Art Nouveau style. you just have to infuse the house with Art Nouveau inspired cigarette cases, tableware, jewelry, furniture, lighting, carpet, fabrics, silverware, ceramics, toss pillows,  and many more.

Facts about Art Nouveau 4: the modernist style

The popularity of Art Nouveau decreased after people began to look at the modernist style. The latter style flourished in 20th century which enabled the people to look at the simplicity and avoid the ornate pattern.

Art Nouveau Style

Art Nouveau Style

Facts about Art Nouveau 5: the name

As I have stated before Art Nouveau is called in various names depending on the countries. In Germany, it is called Jugendstil. In Italy, it is called Stile Liberty. The people in Austria-Hungary called it Secession.

Facts about Art Nouveau 6: Europe

The popularity of Art Nouveau in Europe was very big. But the influence of Art Nouveau can be seen in many parts of the world.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Facts about Art Nouveau 7: Art Nouveau in architecture

Art Nouveau is also applied in architecture.  The plant inspired form can be seen on the decorative molding on the furniture or even windows.  The arches, windows and doors created in parabolas and hyperbolas are inspired from Art Nouveau.

Facts about Art Nouveau 8: Art Nouveau and sculpture

When the Art Nouveau is applied in the sculpture, the artists often use wrought iron and glass as the main material. Find out Art Nouveau artist in Archibald Knox facts.

Facts about Art Nouveau

Facts about Art Nouveau

Facts about Art Nouveau 9: Alphonse Mucha

The style of Alphonse Mucha, a Paris based Czech artist was Art Nouveau. You can check out his works. Get facts about Alphonse Mucha here.

Facts about Art Nouveau 10: other artists

Other artists reflecting Art Nouveau were Jan Toorop, Gustav Klimt, Antoni Gaudí, Rennie Mackintosh and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Art Nouveau Pic

Art Nouveau Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about Art Nouveau?

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