10 Facts about Artemis

Monday, March 30th 2015. | Mythology

Facts about Artemis present the interesting information about the goddess of chase, chastity and moon.  There are several symbols of Artemis. Those were the cypress tree, moon, snakes, deer, hounds, bears, and bow and arrow. Do you know that Artemis is one of the 12 Olympian gods who lived in the summit of Mount Olympus? You can find out more interesting facts about Artemis by reading the following post below:

Facts about Artemis 1: parents

Zeus and Letto were the parents of Artemis. To honor Artemis, the ancient people established a temple for her at Ephesus.

Facts about Artemis 2: the powers

Can you mention the power that Artemis had? Her power was always associated with music, poetry, magic, healing, prophecy, transformation, action, temperance, and purification, hunter of souls, death and action.

Artemis Goddes

Artemis Goddess

Facts about Artemis 3: the personality

Artemis had selfish and possessive personality. The people who did not follow her wishes would have to fight with Artemis. She would revenge on him or her. Get facts about Ares here.

Facts about Artemis 4: Nymphs

Artemis had several dogs.  When she slept, the job to watch her dogs was given to her 20 nymphs. The god of forest named Pan gave her hunting dogs. There were 6 male dogs and 7 female dogs that Artemis had.



Facts about Artemis 5: bow and arrows

Bow and arrows were considered as the weapons of Artemis.  She got them from Hephaestus and the Cyclops.

Facts about Artemis 6: the myth

The myth of Artemis is always linked with Endymon, Actaeo,  Ceryneian hind, Niobe and the Satyrs. At that time, Hercules or Heracles kidnapped the Ceryneian hind. It is one of her deer.

Facts about Artemis

Facts about Artemis

Facts about Artemis 7: Endymion

Since Artemis was a goddess, her love to Endymion was forbidden. She fell in love with him when seeing Endymion fall asleep.

Facts about Artemis 8: taking a bath

Actaeon was a hunter who spotted Artemis when she took a bath in the woods. The goddess was upset since he stared at her.  She transformed him into a stag. Then his hounds tore this stag into pieces.

Artemis Statue

Artemis Statue

Facts about Artemis 9: Apollo

Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis.  Both decided to attack Niobe and her 14 kids because they humiliated the mother of Artemis and Apollo, Letto. Artemis transformed her into a pillar of salt. Get facts about Apollo the Greek God here.

Facts about Artemis 10: the temple of Artemis

In 800 BC, the first temple for Artemis was built. In 7th century, the temple was destroyed but it was recovered again in 550 BC.

Artemis Facts

Artemis Facts

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