10 Facts about Arthropods

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If you are interested to know the life cycle, unique characteristics and history of arthropods, you have to check Facts about Arthropods.  This animal is separated into four subgroups. Can you mention them?  They are Chelicerates, Crustaceans, Hexapods and Myriapods. Arthropods are considered as the first land animals on earth. Let’s find out more interesting facts about them by reading the following explanation:

Facts about Arthropods 1: Chelicerates

Chelicerates is the subphylum Chelicerata. Do you know that the first evolution of this subgroup occurred during the Late Ordovician Period? It was around 445 million years ago. The members of this group include mites, spiders, scorpions, crabs and horseshow.  If you check the body of Chelicerates, they are divided into two. Both opisthosoma and cephalothorax

Facts about Arthropods 2: Hexapods

The next subgroup of Arthropods is Hexapods. There are three sections which made up the body of these hexapods. Those are the abdomen, thorax and head. The members of these groups include insects.

Arthropod Facts

Arthropod Facts

Facts about Arthropods 3: Crustaceans

Crustaceans have a lot of members.   Most of them live in freshwater and marine water. Those include barnacles, shrimps, crabs, brine shrimps and lobsters.

Facts about Arthropods 4: Myriapods

There are more than 13,000 species of centipedes and millipedes included as the members of Myriapods. You can find them mostly living in forest. The main characteristics of this animal are seen on numerous pairs of legs.

Facts about Arthropods

Facts about Arthropods

Facts about Arthropods 5: the first land animals

The first land animals in the world are the ancestral arthropods. In 2004, a single specimen of arthropod Pneumodesmus newmani was discovered in Scotland. It is believed that these ancestral animals lived in the Late Silurian period or around 428 million years ago. Pneumodesmus newmani is a type of millipede.

Facts about Arthropods 6: the segmented body

All Arthropods have segmented body. This segment is very important since it serves locomotion, feeding, and sensory function. Find out another animal in armadillos facts.

Arthropods Facts

Arthropods Facts

Facts about Arthropods 7: the hard structure

The hard structure that the body of Arthropods has make these animals included as exoskeleton. It gives the protection for the inner part of the body.

Facts about Arthropods 8: Cuticle

Cuticle is the main layered substance in the exoskeleton. It is made of proteins, chitin and lipids.



Facts about Arthropods 9: metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the important life cycle in Arthropods. It is a biological transformation that the animals should pass when they want to become adult. Get facts about arachnids here.

Facts about Arthropods 10: reproduction

There are various types of reproduction that Arthropods have. Some of them lay eggs, while others have internal reproduction.

Arthropod Pic

Arthropod Pic

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