10 Facts about Arthur Phillip

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Arthur Phillip. This man was the royal navy officer who was born on 11 October 1738 and passed away on 31 August 1814. He was the founder of the British penal colony and the first governor of New South Wales.  In the modern time, this colony is Sydney, Australia. Find out more interesting facts about Phillip in the following post below:

Facts about Arthur Phillip 1: the experience at sea

Phillip had a good experience at sea. He became a commander of a ship in which the convicts saved his ship from the storm.

Facts about Arthur Phillip 2: the first fleet

He had his first fleet and took the position of the governor for the British penal colony in New South Wales.

Arthur Phillip Image

Arthur Phillip Image

Facts about Arthur Phillip 3: the location

Port Jackson was selected as the location of the colony in February 1788. The area is the present day Sydney Harbour. He thought that a civil administration would be needed to manage New South Wales. He proposed the idea to have skilled tradesmen in his voyage to New South Wales. But the government rejected his idea.

Facts about Arthur Phillip 4: the aborigines

Phillip’s reaction to the aborigines was not clear. Actually he had a friendly attitude toward them. But his patience was tested when his gamekeeper was killed by the aborigines.

Arthur Phillip Pic

Arthur Phillip Pic

Facts about Arthur Phillip 5: the arrival of the second and third fleet

When the second and third fleet arrived in New South Wales, the local resources were scarce. However, the colony was improved when he sailed home in December 1792. This colony had their water supply and systematic farming to support the life of the people there.

Facts about Arthur Phillip 6: retirement

This governor decided to retire in 1805. But he still maintained great relationship with his friends in New South Wales. He also promoted the interest of this colony. Get facts about Arthur Miller here.

Arthur Phillip Statue

Arthur Phillip Statue

Facts about Arthur Phillip 7: the early life

His parents were Jacob Phillip and Elizabeth Breach. He was the younger son of two kids in the family. His father worked as a teacher. But he was a capable seaman who had served in the Royal Navy.

Facts about Arthur Phillip 8: the childhood time

It is not easy to find out the childhood time of Phillip because there was no account about it. In 1739 or 1940, his father passed away. It made the family have a hard time.

Facts about Arthur Phillip

Facts about Arthur Phillip

Facts about Arthur Phillip 9: a good student

Phillip was a great student at school. He was perfectionist. Get another figure in Aron Ralston Facts here.

Facts about Arthur Phillip 10: death

After his retirement, he lived at Bath and died here in 1814. His burial is in St Nicholas Church, Bathampton.

Arthur Phillip Facts

Arthur Phillip Facts

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