10 Facts about Aruba

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Facts about Aruba tell you about an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea. It is 18 miles north of coats of Venezuela and 990 miles west of Less Antilles. Actually Aruba is a part of ABC islands along with Bonaire and Curacao. It is also a part of Netherlands Antilles and Dutch Caribbean when Aruba is collected along with other Dutch Islands. Here are other facts about Aruba:

Facts about Aruba 1: The Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is formed by the four constituent countries. Those are Aruba, Curacai, Netherlands and Sint Maarten.

Facts about Aruba 2: the nationality

The nationality of the Kingdom of Netherlands is Dutch. The capital city of Aruba is Oranjestad.  Actually this country has no administrative subdivision. But it is divided in eight regions for the census. Get facts about Armenia here.

Aruba Facts

Aruba Facts

Facts about Aruba 3: the climate

Let’s find out the climate of Aruba. It has the arid and dry climate.  The landscape is very beautiful. You can find a lot of cacti here. You can also enjoy the sunny weather along the warm beaches. There is no need to wonder that the tourism in this country is great.

Facts about Aruba 4: the total land area and inhabitants

Based on the 2010 census, Aruba is inhabited by 102,484 people. The total land area of Aruba is 69.1 square miles or 179 kilometer square. Check facts about Argentina here.

Facts about Aruba

Facts about Aruba

Facts about Aruba 5: who was the first inhabitant in Aruba?

Caquetíos Amerinds from the Arawak tribe was considered as the first inhabitant in the country.  Due to the attack of the Caribs, they decided to migrate in Aruba from Venezuela.

Facts about Aruba 6: the topography

This island is riverless. It has flat area. If you go to the western part of Aruba, you can find white sandy beaches here. The eastern and northern coasts are still untouched by human being.

Aruba Tour

Aruba Tour

Facts about Aruba 7: the culture

The Dutch culture influences a lot the people’s custom and culture. It can be seen in the celebration of Sinterklaas conducted on 5th and 6th December. Other important holidays include New Year’s Eve and Christmas. The people in Aruba will have Dande for the New Year and Gaitas for Christmas. Both are the typical music and songs for those celebrations.

Facts about Aruba 8: “Dia di La Reina”

“Dia di La Reina” is the celebration of the Queen’s birthday of Netherlands. It is celebrated in every 30 April.

Aruba Sunny

Aruba Sunny

Facts about Aruba 9: The holiday of Carnival

If you like to enjoy a large parade in Aruba, you have to come here in the beginning of January. You can see the carnival celebration of the local people.

Facts about Aruba 10: the celebration in November

In November, you can see the people celebrating Thanksgiving Day and Halloween.

Aruba Beach

Aruba Beach

Are you impressed with facts about Aruba?

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