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If you want to know the bad social behavior, you have to check Facts about Asbos. The people who have engaged in anti social behavior are rejected in United Kingdom. In 1998, Prime Minister Tony Blair made it clear about the civil order of ASBO to prevent the incidents. Many ASBO cases involve with younger teenagers. This order is very restricted. If you are engaged in such behavior, you probably will be restricted from public behavior such as drinking alcohol or even shopping in certain area. Here are some interesting facts about Asbos for you:

Facts about Asbos 1: Theresa May

Theresa May was the new Home Secretary who had the intention to eliminate Asbos in July 2010. She announced it in public. She believed that the community based social control policies were more favorable than ASBOs.

Facts about Asbos 2: the issue of an ASBO

An ASBO will be isused if you have an act which can cause distress, alarm, harassment or harm to a person to more persons. To protect the person from any further bad behavior, the ASBO is necessary to be isused.

Asbos Cases

Asbos Cases

Facts about Asbos 3: Who can issue ASBO?

The sheriff court issues ASBO in Scotland. In Wales and England, the magistrate courts issue the ASBO. Check facts about antisocial behavior here.

Facts about Asbos 4: the introduction of ASBO

In 1998, ASBO was introduced for the first time in Crime and Disorder Act by the British Government. If you want to call the criminally related ASBO, use the word CRASBO.

Facts about Asbos

Facts about Asbos

Facts about Asbos 5: photos

There is one local authority which publishes the pictures of the people with ASBO on internet.

Facts about Asbos 6: the problems

The anti social behavior which makes people get ASBO include noise pollution, intimidation, arson, begging, drunken behavior, disturbing the peace, homophobia, abandoning cars, rudeness, racism, dogging, dangerous driving, smoking in public places, vandalism, and urban exploration. Get facts about arson here.



Facts about Asbos 7: the strengthened application

After the Asbo was introduced in 1988, the government decided to make the application strengthened.  The Anti Social Behaviour Act was introduced in England and Wales in 2003. In 2004, Scotland had the Antisocial and Sexual Behaviour Act.

Facts about Asbos 8: the Children’s Hearings System

The ones who get Asbos are mostly still kids or young people. The Children Hearings System is applied in Scotland.

Asbos Pic

Asbos Pic

Facts about Asbos 9: the controversy of ASBO

Even though ASBO is still used to day, it is subject to controversy in United Kingdom.

Facts about Asbos 10: the popular culture

You can see the depiction of ASBO in popular culture. If you check out the TV Series, in Sherlock, Dr Watson was gifted an ASBO.

Asbos Facts

Asbos Facts

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