10 Facts about Asda

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Facts about Asda tell you about the supermarket chain based on Britain, but it is owned by America. The products sold in Asda include financial services, general merchandise, clothing, food and toys. On 25 November 2013, this supermarket also had Asda Mobile. It is a mobile phone network. The head office of Asda is located in Asda House in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Here are other interesting facts about Asda.

Facts about Asda 1: a subsidiary

Have you heard Walmart? It is the famous American retail company. Since 1999, Asda has been included as the subsidiary of Walmart. Based on the market share, Asda is called as the second largest chain in United Kingdom.

Facts about Asda 2: the promotion

The strategic promotion of Asda focuses on the price.  For more than 16 years, the supermarket has used the Britain’s Lowest Priced Supermarket as the slogan to attract the customers.

Facts about Asda

Facts about Asda

Facts about Asda 3: the full account

Asda management does not have to report the half or quarter earning to the company house, Walmart.  In November, Asda submits the full account. Check an online company in facts about Amazon.

Facts about Asda 4: the brief history of Asda

In 1920s, Asda was originated from the Hindell’s Dairy Farmers Ltd.   It was established by a group of Yorkshire dairy farmers.

Asda Facts

Asda Facts

Facts about Asda 5: changing the name

Hindell’s Dairy Farmers Ltd was changed into Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Limited in Leeds in 1949 after different kinds of acquisitions.

Facts about Asda 6: the name

In 1965, the company’s name was changed again into the present Asda. It was formed after a merger with Associated Dairies and three supermarkets of Asquith Chain. Asda stands for Asquith and Dairies.

Asda Image

Asda Image

Facts about Asda 7: purchasing by Walmart

On 26 July 1999, Asda was purchased by Walmart in the price of £6.7 billion. At that time, Asda had 229 stores. Then the base of Asda was relocated to Leeds City centre, West Yorkshire. People call it Asda House.

Facts about Asda 8: expansion

Asda decided to expand their stores in Northern Ireland in 2005. This company purchased 12 former Safeway stores.

Asda Supermarket

Asda Supermarket

Facts about Asda 9: Asda and Corinth

There was a report which stated that Asda was sold to the Corinth Services Limited in 2009 in the price of £6.9 billion. Even though it was sold to Corinth, Walmart still controlled this company since Corinth was a subsidiary of Walmart. Find facts about Alibaba here.

Facts about Asda 10: The Grocer magazine

For more than 16 years, Asda has been the winner of the Lowest Price Supermarket Award from The Grocer magazine.

Asda Pic

Asda Pic

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