10 Facts about ASEAN

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If you are interested to know the organization of economy and politics of 10 countries in Southeast Asia, you have to check Facts about ASEAN. ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  This organization was established by Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand on 8th August 1967. Find out more interesting facts about ASEAN below:

Facts about ASEAN 1: the membership

At first, there were only five countries who became the members of ASEAN. Today, the membership has been expanded to other Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam and Laos. There are 10 countries in ASEAN.

Facts about ASEAN 2: the aim

ASEAN was established because the countries in Southeast Asia wanted to accelerate the social progress, economic growth and social culture. If there is a difference among the countries of ASEAN, they can discuss the issues in peace.



Facts about ASEAN 3: the total land area of ASEAN

Let’s find out the total area of ASEAN. It is around 4.4 million kilometer square. It occupies 3 percent of the total land area of our planet. The body of water of ASEAN is three times larger if you compare it with land area.

Facts about ASEAN 4: the population

What about the population of ASEAN? It is inhabited by at least 617 million people. It takes 8.8 percent of the total population in the world.



Facts about ASEAN 5: the GDP

ASEAN had the combined GDP at US$2.3 trillion based on the report in 2012. It can take the seventh largest economy in the world if ASEAN is a single country.

Facts about ASEAN 6: ASA

Before ASEAN was established, there was an organization called ASA or Association of Southeast Asia. It was formed in 1961. The members were Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.



Facts about ASEAN 7: the formation of ASEAN

ASEAN was formed after the foreign minister of five countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines agreed to sign the ASEAN declaration on August 8, 1967. People call this event Bangkok Declaration.

Facts about ASEAN 8: the motivation

The main motivation behind the establishment of ASEAN was the fear of communism.  It was also established with the hope that these members could improve the economy.

Facts about ASEAN

Facts about ASEAN

Facts about ASEAN 9: Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam joined ASEAN on 8 January 1984. It became the 6th members and it led the growth of ASEAN. Get facts about American Red Cross here.

Facts about ASEAN 10: the plan in 2015

ASEAN has a plan to create a common market developed based on four freedoms like free flow of services, goods, skilled labors, capital and investment.



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