10 Facts about Ashley Banjo

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Let me show you the interesting information about the English street dancer, actor and choreographer in facts about Ashley Banjo. This man was born on 4 October 1988 in Leytonstone, London with the full name Ashley Modurotolu Banjo. In Britain’s Got Talent, he is a winner. Now he is the leader of dance troupe Diversity.  Due to his wonderful skill of dancing, he was picked as the judge of Sky 1 talent shows Got to Dance. Here are some interesting facts about Banjo:

Facts about Ashley Banjo 1: parents

His father is Funso Banjo. He is a professional boxer who comes from Nigeria. His mother is Danielle Banjo.  His English mother is former Ballet dancer. Now her mother runs Danceworks Studios and helps him arranging the Diversity’s management.

Facts about Ashley Banjo 2: the early life

The young Ashley was raised in Wickford, Essex. He has a sister named Talisa Banjo. His younger brother is Jordan Banjo. He was educated at St Johns School in Billericay.

Ashley Banjo

Ashley Banjo

Facts about Ashley Banjo 3: the higher education

Ashley was studying at Queen Mary in University of London with the major of Physics and Biology when he won Diversity’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Facts about Ashley Banjo 4: dancing skill

Banjo decided to focus on his dancing skill. Therefore, he took a break from his college time the next year after he became a winner in Britain’s Got Talent.

Ashley Banjo Pic

Ashley Banjo Pic

Facts about Ashley Banjo 5: a love relationship

His girlfriend is Francesca Abbott. Both have been in a love relationship for 6 years. Abbott is a dancer too. She is a member of Out of the Shadows dance troupe. On 2nd October 2014, both announced the engagement. Find out facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger here.

Facts about Ashley Banjo 6: education

Based on Banjo’s opinion, education is always the important part in his life. He really wants to be a scientist.

Ashley Banjo News

Ashley Banjo News

Facts about Ashley Banjo 7: United Dance Organization

Do you know that the official ambassador of United Dance Organization is Ashley Banjo?

Facts about Ashley Banjo 8: Britain’s Got Talent

When he followed Britain’s Got Talent, he impressed the judges. His performance was labeled as genius by Amanda Holden.

Ashley Banjo Facts

Ashley Banjo Facts

Facts about Ashley Banjo 9: the winner of Britain Got Talent

Ashley Banjo and his Diversity got £100,000. Each member of this group got £9,090. Get facts about Antonio Banderas here.

Facts about Ashley Banjo 10: in front of the queen

The winner of the show is allowed to perform in front of the queen. On 7th December 2009,   Diversity performed before Queen Elizabeth at Royal Variety Show.

Facts about Ashley Banjo

Facts about Ashley Banjo

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