10 Facts about Ashley Cole

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Facts about Ashley Cole present the ideas about English professional footballer. He was born on 20 December 1980 in Stepney, London. Now he is a player in Italian club, Roma who takes part as a left back. He is badged as the best defender in his generations. He is also a good left back player. Find out more facts about Ashley Cole in the following post below:

Facts about Ashley Cole 1: the early career

His football career began when he joined Arsenal. In November 1999, he made his professional club debut. He scored 10 goals and had 228 appearances.

Facts about Ashley Cole 2: the record with Arsenal

As a part of the team, he shared in the fantastic record when Arsenal got three FA Cups, two Premier League Titles. In 2003 till 2004, he was a member of the Invincibles. It was the team with undefeated season. Get facts about Arsenal FC here.

Ashley Cole Pictures

Ashley Cole Pictures

Facts about Ashley Cole 3: the first UEFA Champions League

In 2006, Ashley Cole took part in the team which appeared in the First UEFA Champions League Final. However, Arsenal was defeated by Barcelona 2-1.

Facts about Ashley Cole 4: moving to Chelsea

Cole moved to Chelsea in August 2006. With his new team, there are a lot of achievements to get. Chelsea won four FA Cups, Premier League in 2009-2010 seasons, one UEFA Champions League and one Football League Cup. Find out facts about Anderson Silva here.

Ashley Cole Pic

Ashley Cole Pic

Facts about Ashley Cole 5: International player

Cole also took part in the international competition.  He was a player in World Cups in 2002, 2006, and 2010. In 2004 and 2012, he participated in Euro.

Facts about Ashley Cole 6: England Player of the Year

In 2010, he was voted as the England Player of the Year.

Ashley Cole Facts

Ashley Cole Facts

Facts about Ashley Cole 7: retirement

In 2014, he decided to retire from the international football. He had won 107 games during his career as a professional footballer.

Facts about Ashley Cole 8: the family

His father is from Barbados. His name is Ron Callender. His father moved to Australia and left the family after being married with Cole’s mother for 7 years.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

Facts about Ashley Cole 9: Sue Cole

Sue Cole is his mother. She raised Cole and Matthew, his younger brother. Do you know that Cole has a distant relationship of Mariah Carey, the famous American singer?

Facts about Ashley Cole 10: a tapping up meeting

He tapped a meeting at a hotel in January 2005. Due to this meeting, Premier league fined him £100,000. The people who presented in the meeting included Peter Kenyon, José Mourinho and his agent Jonathan Barnett.

Facts about  Ashley Cole

Facts about Ashley Cole

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