10 Facts about Asia

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Check Facts about Asia if you want to know the most populous continent in the world. Do you know that Asia is inhabited by four billion people?  Based on the area, it gets the record as the largest country in the world. The largest country in Asia is Russia. China takes the record as the most populous country in the world. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Asia by reading the following post below:

Facts about Asia 1: the border

Asia is bordered by Pacific Ocean to the east and Europe and Africa to the west.

Facts about Asia 2: the sub region

Asia is a very large continent. There are six sub divisions of Asia. Those are Southeastern Asia, Eastern Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Northern Asia, and Southern Asia.

Asia Facts

Asia Facts

Facts about Asia 3: the religions

There are several major religions originated from Asia. Those include Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. There is no need to wonder that Asia is filled with diverse languages, cultures and races.

Facts about Asia 4: the countries with great economy and industries

The countries in Asia which contribute to the world’s economy are China, Russia, India and Japan. All of them produce the services and products used by most countries in the world.

Facts about  Asian Culture

Facts about Asian Culture

Facts about Asia 5: Middle East

Middle East is famous as the major world supply for oil.  Most Middle East countries are rich due to this natural resource. Check another part of the world in Arctic facts.

Facts about Asia 6: population

Based on the report of United Nations in 2010, Asia was inhabited by 4,164,252,000 people.  The area of Asia is around 17,212,000 square miles.

Facts about Asia

Facts about Asia

Facts about Asia 7: the major cities

There are several major cities in Asia. Those are Karachi in Pakistan, Tokyo in Japan, Seoul in South Korea, Jakarta in Indonesia, Kolkata in India, Osaka in Japan, Mumbai in India, Delhi in India, Manila in Philippines, Shanghai in China, and Kolkata in India.

Facts about Asia 8: the biomes

Asia is the home to various kinds of biomes. You can find grasslands, taiga, desert, and temperate forest. The desert area can be seen mostly in Middle East. Get facts about Arabian Desert here.

Asia Picture

Asia Picture

Facts about Asia 9: Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is considered as the highest point in Asia. The lowest point in the world is also located in Asia at Dead Sea.

Facts about Asia 10: the largest economy

Two of the three largest economies in the world are located in Asia. China takes the second place, while Japan is in the third place.

Asia Pic

Asia Pic

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