10 Facts about Asian Carp

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Facts about Asian Carp talk about the species of cyprinid fish. In United States, this collective heavy bodied fish is called as Asian carp. The Indian carp which include the catla and mrigal are not Asian carp. Let find out more interesting Asian carp facts below:

Facts about Asian Carp 1: the types of Asian carp

There are several types of Asian carp. Those include the common carp, grass carp, largescale silver carp, silver carp, common goldfish, mud carp, crucian carp, black carp, and bighead carp.

Facts about Asian Carp 2: largescale silver carp

Do you know that for more than 1,000 years, largescale silver carp has been grown in China?

Asian Carp Pictures

Asian Carp Pictures

Facts about Asian Carp 3: the large-scale silver carp

If you check the most southern species of the large-scale silver carp, you can find them cultivated in Vietnam. They are native to this country.

Facts about Asian Carp 4: the four domesticated fish

In China, there are four domesticated fish used by the people for traditional Chinese medicine and food. They are the bighead, silver, grass and black carp.

Facts about  Asian Carp

Facts about Asian Carp

Facts about Asian Carp 5: the aquaculture production

Based on the aquaculture production of Asian carp in the world, the most important ones are the silver carp and bighead carp.

Facts about Asian Carp 6: the pet fish

The type of Asian carp which is cultivated as a pet fish is the gold fish. It is very common to see it in various fish tanks in the world.

Asian Carp Pic

Asian Carp Pic

Facts about Asian Carp 7: the common carp

The type of carp which is native to western Asian and Eastern Europe is the common carp. Therefore, some people call the common carp as the Eurasian carp. Check facts about Angelfish here.

Facts about Asian Carp 8: the least expensive carp

In China, the least expensive type of carp is the silver carp.  If you pick the Hangzhou cuisine, the grass carp is mainly used here. The carp is one of the main foods in China. You can also enjoy a good show of carp in many Chinese restaurants where the fish are kept in cages.  The customers can order the carp that they dash from the lake the water.

Asian Carp Jumping

Asian Carp Jumping

Facts about Asian Carp 9: the jumping ability

The carp with great jumping ability is the silver carp. In average, it can jump around 8 to 10 feet or 1.5 to 3 meter into the air. If you want to follow the catching jumping carp, you can go to Bath, Illinois to enjoy the Redneck Fishing Tournament. Get facts about Anglerfish here.

Facts about Asian Carp 10: the growth

The weight of silver carp can reach 100 lbs or 45 kilograms.

Asian Carp Facts

Asian Carp Facts

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