10 Facts about Asian Elephants

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Facts about Asian Elephants talk about the famous elephants that you can find in Asia.  There are three members of Asian elephants. Those are the E. m. sumatranus from Sumatran Island, E. m. indicus/ Indian elephant from mainland Asia and Elephas maximus maximus from Sri Lanka. Get more facts about the interesting Asian elephants by reading the following post below:

Facts about Asian Elephants 1: E. maximus

The conservation of Asian elephants is very important today. IUCN has listed E. Maximus as an endangered species since 1986. The population of these animals has reduced significantly for more than 50 percent.

Facts about Asian Elephants 2: the causes of population decline

The decline of the Asian elephant population is because of the habitat loss, fragmentation, poaching, and degradation.

Asian Elephant Facts

Asian Elephant Facts

Facts about Asian Elephants 3: the wild population

Based on the report in 2003, it was estimated that there were only 41,410 to 52,345 Asian Elephants which lived in the wild area. If the female Asian elephants lived in the semi natural surroundings, they reached the age of 60 years old.

Facts about Asian Elephants 4: the Asian and African elephants

Asian and African elephants have different body. The African elephants have larger body size if you compare them with Asian elephants. The Asian elephants have smaller ears and the highest body point at the head.

Facts about Asian Elephants

Facts about Asian Elephants

Facts about Asian Elephants 5: the feet

If you check the feet of Asian elephants, they represent the nail like structures.  You can find four at the hind foot and five on the forefoot.

Facts about Asian Elephants 6: the size of the female Asian elephant

The female Asian elephants have the average height at 7.3 feet or 2.24 meter. It has the weight around 3.00 short tons or 2.72 t.

Asian Elephant Pic

Asian Elephant Pic

Facts about Asian Elephants 7: the size of male Asian elephant

Now let’s find out the size of male Asian elephant. The body length is 18 till 21 feet. The weight is around 6.0 short tons or 5.4 t.

Facts about Asian Elephants 8: the largest bull elephant ever caught

Maharajah of Susang in the Garo Hills of Assam had shot the largest bull elephant in India. The weight was 8.8 short tons. The length from head to tail was 26.4 feet.

Asian Elephant Rescue

Asian Elephant Rescue

Facts about Asian Elephants 9: the trunk

There are around 60,000 muscles located at the trunk of Asian elephant. The function is to feed, breathe, water, dust, communicate, pinch, grasp and many more. Get facts about Arabian horses here.

Facts about Asian Elephants 10: the length of the trunk

The length of the trunk is around 59 till 79 inches or 1.5 to 2 meter.

Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant

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