10 Facts about Asian Tsunami

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One of the most deadly disasters is explained in Facts about Asian Tsunami. On 26 December 2004, people were shocked when the Indian Ocean earthquake occurred at 00:58:53 UTC. It had killed many people in Asia.  The location of the epicenter was off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia.  Many scientists called it as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake.  This condition led to the occurrence of Tsunami. Get more facts about Asian Tsunami by reading the following post below:

Facts about Asian Tsunami 1: the name of Tsunami

There are several names used to call this Asian Tsunami. Some people call it Christmas Tsunami, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Boxing Day tsunami, South Asian tsunami and Indonesian tsunami.

Facts about Asian Tsunami 2: the killed people

The Tsunami hit 14 countries.  The coastal areas were swept by the waves with the height at 100 feet or 30 meters.  It was reported that there were 230,000 people killed in this terrible disaster.

Asian Tsunami Image

Asian Tsunami Image

Facts about Asian Tsunami 3: the hardest hit country

The hardest hit country affected by Tsunami was Indonesia for it was located near the epicenter. Then it was followed by Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Facts about Asian Tsunami 4: the record

The earthquake of Asian Tsunami took the third place of the largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismography. It had the magnitude of Mw 9.1-9.3. The earthquake last for around 8.3 minutes till 10 minutes.

Facts about  Asian Tsunami

Facts about Asian Tsunami

Facts about Asian Tsunami 5: the impact of the large earthquake

The earthquake happened in 2004 was very huge. The people who lived in Alaska could feel it.  The entire earth also vibrated for 0.4 inches or 1 cm.

Facts about Asian Tsunami 6: the donation

The disaster moved the heart of the people.  To help the victims, the worldwide community collected $14 billion to recover the countries struck by earthquake and tsunami in 2004.

Asian Tsunami Pic

Asian Tsunami Pic

Facts about Asian Tsunami 7: the humanitarian issue

The earthquake and tsunami increased the main concern of the government agencies and humanitarian organizations in the world.  They worked hand in hand to build the sanitation facilities.

Facts about Asian Tsunami 8: the fresh water drinking

At that time, the fresh water drinking was not easy to get.  The water was very dirty after Tsunami struck the coastal areas. The spread of the diseases like hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, cholera, and typhoid was very high due to the dirty water.

Asian Tsunami Disaster

Asian Tsunami Disaster

Facts about Asian Tsunami 9: the food air

Do you know that more than 1.3 million people who became the victims of Tsunami got the food aid from World Food Programme? Find another disaster in Aberfan facts.

Facts about Asian Tsunami 10: the international help

There were several countries in the world which donated their cash to help the victims. Those included Germany, Australia, Japan, Norway, Canada, The Netherlands, United States and many more.

Asian Tsunami 2004

Asian Tsunami 2004

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