10 Facts about Asparagus

Tuesday, April 7th 2015. | Culinary

Let me tell you one of the interesting spring vegetables in Facts about Asparagus. Have you eaten asparagus before? This vegetable gives you a lot of nutrients to make the body healthier than before.   It is included in the genus asparagus. Here are other interesting facts about asparagus.

Facts about Asparagus 1: the family

Today asparagus is included in the family of Asparagaceae. Once, it was included in the lily family just like garlic, onions and allium cousins. Then the family is split into in two. Asparagus is placed in Asparagaceae and onion like plant is included in Amaryllidaceae family.

Facts about Asparagus 2: the native plants

Asparagus is widely grown as vegetables. The plant is originated from western Asia, northern Africa and Europe.

Asparagus  Plants

Asparagus Plants

Facts about Asparagus 3: the size of asparagus

Let’s find out the size of asparagus. Asparagus can grow around 39 till 59 inches or 100 to 150 cm. These perennial plants have the needle like leaves. The width is at 1 mm and length at 6 to 32 mm.

Facts about Asparagus 4: the flowers

Asparagus has flowers. You can find them in yellowish to greenish white colors. The shape reminds you with a bell. It has six petals with the length around 4.5 till 6.5 mm.

Facts about Asparagus

Facts about Asparagus

Facts about Asparagus 5: asparagus in the past

Asparagus is not only used as a vegetable. In the past, it was used as medicine due to the diuretic properties. The recipe to cook asparagus has been dated since the ancient time.

Facts about Asparagus 6: the composition of asparagus

Do you know that more than 93 percent of asparagus composition is water? The sodium and calories in asparagus are very low. Therefore, this plant is safe for us.

Asparagus Pic

Asparagus Pic

Facts about Asparagus 7: nutrients

There are various nutrients that you can get from asparagus. Those are zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6, beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, thiamin, vitamin K, ruin, riboflavin, folic acid, potassium, and phosphorus. Get facts about apricot here.

Facts about Asparagus 8: how to serve asparagus?

Asparagus is served in various ways. It is usually used as the side dish or even an appetizer.

Asparagus Food

Asparagus Food

Facts about Asparagus 9: the stir fried serving style

The Asian people often cook the asparagus in stir fried cooking style. They mix it with shrimp, beef, and chicken. You just have to get the recipe to cook this vegetables from cooking magazines or cooking websites. Check apple pie facts here.

Facts about Asparagus 10: pickles

If you want to store asparagus for several years, you can make it into pickles.

Asparagus Facts

Asparagus Facts

Are you impressed reading facts about asparagus?

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