10 Facts about Aspartame

Tuesday, April 7th 2015. | Chemistry

Let me show you Facts about Aspartame if you want to know the sweetener in various drinks and foods. It is as the substitute of sugar. This artificial sweetener is not good for our health. The continuous consumption can lead into some serious health problems. If you want to know the real aspartame, you need to check the following post below:

Facts about Aspartame 1: what is aspartame?

Aspartame is phenylalanine dipeptide or aspartic acid.  It is badged as E951 in European Union. In 1965, aspartame was synthesized for the first time.  In the past, you can find this product sold in the market under the name NutraSweet. In 1992, the patent expired.

Facts about Aspartame 2: the controversies

Even though aspartame is still used as the artificial sweetener in various products in the world, the controversies surrounding the health impact are still high.

Aspartame Facts

Aspartame Facts

Facts about Aspartame 3: FDA approval

FDA or US Food and Drug Administration approved the usage of aspartame in various food products in 1981.

Facts about Aspartame 4: European Food Safety Authority

In 2013, the re-evaluation of aspartame was conducted by European Food Safety Authority.  This organization wants to make sure that this product is safe for human being.

Facts about Aspartame

Facts about Aspartame

Facts about Aspartame 5: the breakdown products

The breakdown products of aspartame are not good for all people. If you have the genetic condition PKU or phenylketonuria, you have to avoid aspartame and its breakdown. Check arsenic facts here.

Facts about Aspartame 6: methanol

We can generate methanol from aspartame. You have to do the process of hydrolysis under the acidic and alkaline condition. The free amino acids can be produced under the severe alkali or acidic condition.



Facts about Aspartame 7: table sugar

If you compare the table sugar and aspartame, the sweetness of aspartame is 200 times higher.

Facts about Aspartame 8: the taste of sweetener

If you think that the taste of sweetener is similar with the taste of a sugar table, you are wrong. Both of them are different taste. The sweetness of aspartame can last longer than sucrose or table sugar. To make aspartame tastes like sugar, it is usually mixed with acesulfame potassium.

Aspartame Products

Aspartame Products

Facts about Aspartame 9: the room temperature

If aspartame is at pH 4.3,   it is very stable. It can last for 300 days for the half life. Get facts about asbestos here.

Facts about Aspartame 10: the soft drinks

The aspartame for a drink  has the pH around 3 and 5 because this element is very stable in that pH.

Aspartame Pic

Aspartame Pic

Are you impressed reading facts about aspartame?

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