10 Facts about Aspirin

Wednesday, April 8th 2015. | Medical

Find out the interesting information about one of the most widely used drugs in the world in Facts about Aspirin. There are many benefits that you can get by taking aspirin. It is often used to reduce the pain of heart disease and headache. The popularity of aspirin is seen among the researchers and users. You can find a lot of articles published about aspirin. Here are some interesting facts about aspirin for you:

Facts about Aspirin 1: the introduction of aspirin

Aspirin is introduced to the pharmaceutical industry in 1899.  The chemical name for this drug is acetylsalicylic acid.  A that time, the main purpose of aspirin was to treat gout and rheumatic fever.

Facts about Aspirin 2: the expenditure for this drug

The people all over the world have to spend around 20 till 50 million pounds just to buy the drug every year. The Guinness Book World of Records picked aspirin as the highest selling drug in the world in 1950.

Aspirin Drug

Aspirin Drug

Facts about Aspirin 3: the symptoms

There are at least 500 symptoms that can be cured using aspirin.  The health condition such as stomach ache, fever, heartburn, arthritis, sleep disorder, common cold, migraine, and headache can be treated by taking aspirin.

Facts about Aspirin 4: cancer

Do you know that the consumption of aspirin could slow down the growth of cancer? You can reduce the growth of cancer which is related to leukemia, breast, prostate, pancreatic, lung, and colon. Find out facts about antidepressant here.

Aspirin Pic

Aspirin Pic

Facts about Aspirin 5: women and aspirin

The risk of having ovarian cancer can be reduced up to 20 percent if the women take aspirin daily. It is based on the report of NCI or National Cancer Institute.

Facts about Aspirin 6: brain

The health of your brain is also maintained by taking aspirin. The risk of having dementia and Alzheimer can be reduced significantly.

Aspirin facts

Aspirin facts

Facts about Aspirin 7: aspirin and children

Even though aspirin is good for our health, you should never give this medical drug to the children. The children with flu symptoms, chicken pox and other viral disease should not take aspirin because it can increase the risk of having Reye’s syndrome. It can affect the health of brain and liver.

Facts about Aspirin 8: stomach irritation

If you decide to consume aspirin, ensure that you have eaten food before. It will create a stomach irritation if you consume aspirin without eating.

Facts about Aspirin

Facts about Aspirin

Facts about Aspirin 9: the high dose of aspirin

Just like any other drug, aspirin also has side effect if you consume the higher dose. It is often associated with liver toxicity, bleeding, kidney impairment, and blood clotting. Get facts about antibiotics here.

Facts about Aspirin 10: the risk of deaf

The risk of deaf is also increased if you have overdose aspirin.

Aspirin Usage

Aspirin Usage

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