10 Facts about Asterix

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Let me inform you with Facts about Asterix if you want to know The Adventure of Asterix.  This series is very popular in the world. On 19 October 1959, the French comics appeared for the first time in Franco-Belgian comics Magazine Pilote.  Can you guess the writer of Asterix? He was René Goscinny until his death in 1977. The illustrator was Albert Uderzo. After the death of the writer, Uderzo decided to take over the writing and sold the publishing right to Hachette. There have been 35 volumes of Asterix released on the market as of 2013. Find out more Asterix facts below:

Facts about Asterix 1: the story of Asterix

The series talk about the struggle of Gauls village. They do not want the Roman occupation. By using the magic potion, they are turned into the superhuman.

Facts about Asterix 2: The protagonist

Who is the protagonist in Asterix? There are two main characters here. Both are Asterix and Obelix, his friend. Both have a wonderful adventure in the series.

Facts about Asterix

Facts about Asterix

Facts about Asterix 3: foreign countries

If you check the stories in Asterix, both have adventures by visiting foreign countries. But some of them also take place in the village.

Facts about Asterix 4: the popularity

We should not wonder with the popularity of Asterix comic. It is one of the most popular Fanco-Belgian comics in the world. It has been translated in more than 100 languages in the world. The popularity of this book is very high in many European countries.



Facts about Asterix 5: film

Due to the popularity of the books, you can find several adaptations of Asterix into movies. You can find four live actions and 8 animated movies of Asterix.

Facts about Asterix 6: games

You can also find Asterix as the main character in various games. There is a park in Paris named after him. You can visit Parc Asterix.

Asterix Game

Asterix Game

Facts about Asterix 7: the sales

There are around 34 Asterix books which have been sold in the market in the world. It is sold around 325 million copies of Asterix series. Therefore, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo are called as the best selling writers from France.

Facts about Asterix 8: the setting of Asterix

The setting of Asterix in an unnamed village located in Armorica, Gaul Province in 50 BC. The little Armorican village could gain the temporary superhuman strength after they drunk the magic potion. At that time, all Gaul was captured by Julius Caesar under the Roman Republic.

Asterix Facts

Asterix Facts

Facts about Asterix 9: Obelix

Obelix is the best friend of Asterix.  He has fat body. This unintelligent friend of Asterix has a little dog who always accompanies him. The dog is Dogmatix. Get facts about Artemis Fowl here.

Facts about Asterix 10: the places in the series

The places used as the setting in the story include Belgium, Britain, Spain, Germany, India, Middle East and North America.

Asterix Comic

Asterix Comic

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