10 Facts about Asteroid Belt

Thursday, April 9th 2015. | Astronomy

Facts about Asteroid Belt tell you about the majority of asteroids located inside the solar system. The gravitational interactions affect the location of the asteroids. You can see that some of them are thrown away from the solar system, while others can be found near the earth space. Here are some interesting asteroid belt facts for you:

Facts about Asteroid Belt 1: the largest asteroids

The asteroids belts contain many asteroids.    If you want to know the largest asteroids, you can check Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Hygiea.

Facts about Asteroid Belt 2: the location

Can you find out the location of the asteroid belt? These asteroids are found between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. The thickness of asteroid belt is 1 AU/astronomical unit.  If you check the distance of the asteroids from the sun, they are located around 2.2 and 3.2 AU.

Facts about Asteroid Belt

Facts about Asteroid Belt

Facts about Asteroid Belt 3: the materials

There are various kinds of materials which make up the asteroids.  Actually they are the important sources of precious metals and minerals.  You can find titanium, iron, nickel and water.

Facts about Asteroid Belt 4: the colonies in space

There is a theory which believes that asteroids can serve the colonies in space because they contain metal, minerals and water.

Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt

Facts about Asteroid Belt 5: asteroid mining

The people on earth began to think about asteroid mining in the early 2013. They have a plan to mine the important items from the asteroid in the near future. Get facts about asteroid and comet here.

Facts about Asteroid Belt 6: the objects

You are wrong if you think that all asteroids contain stones and rock. Sometimes, they are presented in the form of rubble piles.

Asteroid Belt Location

Asteroid Belt Location

Facts about Asteroid Belt 7: the largest one in the asteroid belt

Ceres is called as the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt. Now it is include as one of the dwarf planets. Actually there are billions of asteroids located in the asteroid belt. But we only have known 7,000 of them.

Facts about Asteroid Belt 8: the spacecraft

The spacecraft has been sent to study the asteroids in the asteroid belt. Even though there are billions of asteroids here, the spacecraft will never hit them since they are spread out in far away distance. Get facts about asteroid here.

Asteroid Belt Facts

Asteroid Belt Facts

Facts about Asteroid Belt 9: the movement

The movement of asteroids inside the asteroids belt is influenced by the gravitation.

Facts about Asteroid Belt 10: Main belt

The Main Belt is often used to call asteroid belt.  It is used to differentiate this belt with other asteroid groups like Centaurs and Lagrangians.

Asteroid Belt Pic

Asteroid Belt Pic

What do you think on facts about asteroid belt?

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