10 Facts about Aston Merrygold

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Let me tell you about the dancer, singer, songwriter, and TV personality from Britain in Facts about Aston Merrygold. He was born with the full name Aston Iain Merrygold on February 13, 1988. In the fifth series of The X Factor, he was the member of a British boy band JLS. The band was the runner up in the competition.  On 22 December 2013, the band decided to split even though they had been successful for seven years together. Here are more facts about Merrygold for you:

Facts about Aston Merrygold 1: the debut solo

His debut solo was entitled A Second Again. He was working on it as of November 2013. In the same year, he also appeared as the judge in Got to Dance. It was British Dance talent show. Get facts about Asking Alexandria here.

Facts about Aston Merrygold 2: date of birth

Aston Merrygold was born on 13 February 1988.  His mother was an Anglo Irish and his father was Jamaican. His parents separated when he was still at a young age.

Aston Merrygold Pic

Aston Merrygold Pic

Facts about Aston Merrygold 3: the siblings

There are several children in the family. He spent most of his childhood time in Peterborought. His mother Siobhan and his step father Orjan raised him here.

Facts about Aston Merrygold 4: the school time

It seems that the school time for Merrygold was not great. He stated that he was often bullied by his friends at school due to his race. Get facts about ASAP Rocky here.

Aston Merrygold Facts

Aston Merrygold Facts

Facts about Aston Merrygold 5: playing football

He played football for England in European Youth Games when he was at secondary school. At first, he noted to become a professional footballer. But he gave up football after he had a nerve problem in his left foot. Therefore, he shifted into acting and singing.

Facts about Aston Merrygold 6: Stars in Their Eyes

He was a part of Stars in Their Eyes in 2002. He sang “Rockin’ Robin” and appeared as the pop star Michael Jackson.

Aston Merrygold Star

Aston Merrygold Star

Facts about Aston Merrygold 7: JLS

Marvin Humes was a friend of Aston. He was auditioned as a member of The Liberties which later was changed into JLS. Marvin encouraged Merrygold to follow the audition because he thought that Merrygold had great skill.

Facts about Aston Merrygold 8: JLS

The name of the band was changed into JLS after Jonathan Benjamin was recruited as the member. Aston chose Little Nigguh as his stage name.

Aston Merrygold Picture

Aston Merrygold Picture

Facts about Aston Merrygold 9: the X Factor audition

JLS decided to follow the audition of the X Factor in 2008.  They won the second place since the first place was taken by Alexandre Burke.

Facts about Aston Merrygold 10: One Direction

JLS is called as the second most successful group from the X Factor after One Direction.

Facts about Aston Merrygold

Facts about Aston Merrygold

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