10 Facts about ASU

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If you want to know one of the best educational institutions in Arizona, you have to check Facts about ASU. ASU stands for Arizona State University. You can also call it Arizona State too. The campuses of ASU can be seen in Phoenix, Arizona. On 12 March 1885, Arizona State University was established at Tempe as the territorial Normal School. Let’s find out more interesting history and record of ASU in the following post below:

Facts about ASU 1: the first classes

On 8 February 1886, the classes in ASU began. They had 33 students at that time. The curriculum used to teach the students was modified several times.

Facts about ASU 2: the name

The name of this school also changed throughout the years. In 1889 till 1896, it was called Arizona Territorial Normal School. Then it was changed into Arizona Normal School in 1896 to 1899. In 1899 to 1901, it was called Normal School of Arizona. Then it was named Tempe Normal School in 1901 till 1925.

Facts about ASU

Facts about ASU

Facts about ASU 3: the students

At that time, people could be students in ASU if you completed the requirements. The people with awarded high school diplomas and teaching and the high school students and graduates were accepted as the students in ASU.

Facts about ASU 4: the high school courses

The high school courses in ASU were eliminated in 1923. It gave the high school diploma.

ASU Game

ASU Game

Facts about ASU 5: Arthur John Matthews

Arthur John Matthews was the president of this school. He contributed a lot to the development of the school. He made it get all college student status. Check facts about Alabama State University here.

Facts about ASU 6: dormitories

During his leadership in the school, he supervised the construction of the first dormitories here. There were 18 buildings constructed under the supervision of Matthews. Now only six of them are still used today.

ASU Facts

ASU Facts

Facts about ASU 7: Tempe Campus

If you want to visit the graduate school center and the university’s research, you can go to Tempe Campus. Those who study here are designed for employment, professional school and graduate school. It uses the research based program. Get facts about Arizona State University here.

Facts about ASU 8: The West campus

If you like with liberal art and interdisciplinary degrees, you can go to West campus.

ASU Campus

ASU Campus

Facts about ASU 9: the Downtown campus

The public programs which include the criminal justice, journalism, mass communication, nursing and public policy are offered in Downtown campus.

Facts about ASU 10: Polytechnic campus

The professional technological program is served in Polytechnic campus.



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