10 Facts about Asylum Seekers

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Facts about Asylum Seekers tell you about the person who seeks protection in foreign countries because of the persecution fear, violence and war. This person is called as the asylum seeker until the refugee status has been granted. United States is one of the important countries in the world which often grant the asylum seeker a refugee status. The ground for seeking asylum is seen based on persecution of religion, race, political opinion, nationality, and membership. Here are some interesting facts about asylum seeker for you:

Facts about Asylum Seekers 1: the refugee status

If the asylum seekers get the refugee status, they should follow the obligations and have right based on the laws of the receiving country.

Facts about Asylum Seekers 2: the host country

The host country will determine whether this asylum seeker will be granted a refugee status or not. Therefore, the government agencies will take over it. In some cases, not all asylums seekers will be granted with refugee status. Some of them probably will be seen as the illegal aliens or maybe the legitimate migrants.

Asylum Seeker Facts

Asylum Seeker Facts

Facts about Asylum Seekers 3: the asylum seeker number

It is not easy to get the exact data for the number of asylums seekers which are not granted with special needs refuge. The number is different among countries in the world.

Facts about Asylum Seekers 4: United Kingdom

If the asylum seekers fail to meet the standard of special needs refuges in United Kingdom, they will be deported. But some of them often have detention or imprisonment.

Asylum Seeker

Asylum Seeker

Facts about Asylum Seekers 5: the immigration judges

The immigration judges often refuse one of four decisions of asylum seekers in United Kingdom. Therefore, it is not easy for the asylum seeker to get refugee status.

Facts about Asylum Seekers 6: the condition of the asylum seekers

The ways the asylums seekers are treated depend on the receiving countries. Some of them sometimes are detained while the process of seeking asylum is still in claim. Other governments are accepting the onshore asylum claims.

Asylum Seekers Image

Asylum Seekers Image

Facts about Asylum Seekers 7: the largest people who seek refugee

The people who live in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syrian and Somalia were the highest number of people who become asylum seekers in 2014.

Facts about Asylum Seekers 8: Turkey

The biggest refugee host in the world based on the date in February 2015 is Turkey. There are 1.7 million Syrian refugees who live here.

Facts about Asylum Seekers

Facts about Asylum Seekers

Facts about Asylum Seekers 9: Pakistan

The second largest host country is Pakistan. There are 1.6 million Afghan refugees living here.

Facts about Asylum Seekers 10: the Armenians in the past

Between 1915 and 1923, more than 1 million Armenians wanted to escape from genocide and persecution by fleeing turkey. Get facts about Armenian Genocide here.

Asylum Seeker Pictures

Asylum Seeker Pictures

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