10 Facts about Athena

Sunday, April 12th 2015. | Mythology

The Greek goddess of wisdom is explained in the Facts about Athena. She was one of the important gods and goddesses who lived at the summit of Mount Olympus. Her father was the famous king of God, Zeus. The works of women which included needle work, spinning and weaving were her abilities. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Athena below:

Facts about Athena 1: the goddess of war

Athena was not only famous as a goddess of wisdom, but also as a goddess of war. She could bring success in a war by using the creative and smart war strategies.

Facts about Athena 2: Athens

The city of Athens was named after Athena. It was her city. Actually this city was a gift for Athena after she could win the competition against Poseidon. The people in Athens chose her due to her olive tree. During the reign of the first king of Athens named Cecrops, she was adored and awarded a lot.

Athena Facts

Athena Facts

Facts about Athena 3: Odysseus

Odysseus looked handsome because Athena used her power to make it beautiful.

Facts about Athena 4: Apple of Discord

Apple of Discord is the famous myth involving several goddesses such as Athena, Hera and Aphrodite. All of them claimed this golden apple. Aphrodite got the apple since Prince of Troy, Paris awarded it to her. This act of Paris led into several chains of events including the famous Trojan War. It was one of deadliest wars ever. You can check th movie about Trojan War in which Achilles was played by Brad Pitt.

Athena Greek

Athena Greek

Facts about Athena 5: Ares

The armies of Troy were assisted by Ares during the Trojan War.  When he had an encounter with Athena and Diomedes, he was wounded. Get facts about Ares here.

Facts about Athena 6: Medusa

Once, Medusa was a very beautiful woman. She became a mythical creature, a Gorgon after Poseidon raped him in the temple of Athena.



Facts about Athena 7: Perseus

Perseus was the hero who could kill Medusa. He was awarded with a mirror like shield to protect himself from Medusa.

Facts about Athena 8: Hephaestus

Hephaestus had an ugly appearance. Therefore, Athena rejected his love.

Facts about Athena

Facts about Athena

Facts about Athena 9: goddess of spinning

Athena was also called as the goddess of spinning. She competed with Archaea who killed herself and became a spider. Get facts about Archaea here.

Facts about Athena 10: wooden horse

The wooden horse that the Greeks built was used to award Athena.During the Trojan war, she was worshiped by giving her a horse.

Athena Statue

Athena Statue

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