10 Facts about Atmosphere

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Let me show you the information about the layer of gasses that you can find surrounding our planet, earth in Facts about Atmosphere. The life of the people, plants and animals on earth is protected by the atmosphere. It is due to the fact that atmosphere is able to absorb the ultraviolet solar radiation. Find out more about atmosphere of earth below:

Facts about Atmosphere 1: the function of atmosphere

Atmosphere has several functions. One of them is protecting the life of human being from the ultraviolet solar radiation. It can also reduce the temperature extreme at day and night and prevent the occurrence of greenhouse effect.

Facts about Atmosphere 2: the air

It is very common for us to call the atmosphere by using the word air. The air is often used to describe the atmosphere gasses during the photosynthetic and breathing process.

Facts about Atmosphere

Facts about Atmosphere

Facts about Atmosphere 3: the dry air

Let’s find out the elements in the dry air by volume. It has 0.039% carbon dioxide, 0.93% argon, 20.95% oxygen and 78.09% nitrogen. It also contains other smaller gasses.

Facts about Atmosphere 4: the water vapor

You can also find the water vapor in the air. At the sea level, the water vapor is 1 percent, while it is more than 0.4 percent from the whole atmosphere.

Atmosphere Pic

Atmosphere Pic

Facts about Atmosphere 5: the atmospheric pressure

The atmospheric pressure is varied because atmosphere of earth is divided into several layers. Moreover, it also has different air content.

Facts about Atmosphere 6: the importance of air

The air is very important to the survival of the terrestrial animals and plants on earth.  You can only find the air in the troposphere.

Atmosphere layers

Atmosphere layers

Facts about Atmosphere 7: the mass of atmosphere

Can you define the mass the atmosphere? It is around 5.15×1018 kg. Do you know that the altitude affects the thickness of atmosphere?  When the altitude increases, the atmosphere is thinner.

Facts about Atmosphere 8: the border between the outer space and atmosphere

The border between our planet and outer space is located in the Karman Line. It is 1.57 percent of earth’s radius or at 62 miles/100 kilometer. Get astronomy facts here.

Atmosphere Facts

Atmosphere Facts

Facts about Atmosphere 9: atmospheric science

If you are interested to study about atmosphere which includes the composition and temperature of each layer, you need to check atmospheric science/ aerology. Richard Assmann and Léon Teisserenc de Bort are the early scholars in the science. Get facts about air masses here.

Facts about Atmosphere 10: the composition of air

The main gasses in the air include argon, oxygen and nitrogen. The other gasses include ozone, nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide.

Atmosphere Earth

Atmosphere Earth

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