10 Facts about Atoms

Tuesday, April 14th 2015. | Science

By learning Facts about Atoms, you will know that each item in the world consists of atoms. An atom has three parts. Those are electron, proton, and neutron. The smallest thing which makes up an element is atom.  You will know more about the details of an atom including the definition of neutron, proton and electron if you check the following post below:

Facts about Atoms 1: the parts of atoms

As I have stated before, there are three parts of atoms.  The positive electrical charge is called proton.  The neutrons are found together with protons. Unlike proton, neutron has no electrical charge. The last part of atom is electron. It has the negative electrical charge. It always orbits the nucleus.

Facts about Atoms 2: the number of protons

If you think that all elements have the similar number of protons, you are wrong.  Each element is unique.  If you check carbon atoms, they have six protons. If you check all hydrogen atoms, they have one proton.

Atom facts

Atom facts

Facts about Atoms 3: one type of atom

Gold consists of one type of atom. But you can find matter composed from a compound. It means that the atoms bond together. The example the compound is sodium chloride. Find out a scientist in Antoine Lavoisier facts.

Facts about Atoms 4: the empty space

We describe atom as an empty space.   Nearly all mass in the atom is located in the nucleus. Therefore, it has dense texture.

Atom pic

Atom pic

Facts about Atoms 5: the electrons

The mass of the electron is very small. It only contributes small amount of mass of the atom. You can compare the size of a proton and electron. To be equal with the size of a proton,   you need to have 1836 electrons. Therefore, 99.9 percent of an atom is empty. Check antimatter facts here.

Facts about Atoms 6: the comparison of electron and atom

The electron is only on the size of a pea, while the atom has the size of a sport arena. Can you imagine how small the electron is?

Atom Structure

Atom Structure

Facts about Atoms 7: the kinds of atoms

Can you count the kinds of atoms in the world? Actual there are more than 100 types of atoms in the world. The atoms which produce naturally are only 92.  The rest of the atoms are created in laboratories.

Facts about Atoms 8: technetium

Technetium was the first atom made by man. This atom contains 43 protons.

Facts about Atoms

Facts about Atoms

Facts about Atoms 9: the word atom

The word atom is taken from the Greek word. It means undivided or uncuttable.

Facts about Atoms 10: the body of human being

Can you mention the number of the atom inside the body human being? It has over than 7 billion billion billion atoms.



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