10 Facts about ATP

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Facts about ATP present the detail about the molecule synthesized during respiration process of human being. ATP is very important for it serves as the immediate energy. It can produce 38 ATP when 1 molecule of glucose reacts with six molecules of oxygen. ATP will be formed when the aerobic respiration released the energy from the oxidation. It is used to attack the ADP to produce the ATP. Find out more interesting facts about ATP below:

Facts about ATP 1: ATP

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. It is not only involved in the respiratory process of human being. The plants also need ATP for it has an important role during the photosynthesis process.

Facts about ATP 2: The Calvin cycle

The Calvin cycle is used to describe the conversion of 2 molecules of GP/ glycerate-3-phosphate into 2 molecules of GALP/ glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate. This process is conduced by using only one molecule of ATP.

ATP and Energy

ATP and Energy

Facts about ATP 3: muscle construction

Another usage of ATP in the human body is for muscle contraction. It is called as the ratchet mechanism which enables acting microfilaments to be drawn between the myosin after the ATP molecule is hydrolysed. The muscle can change into its shape when the new molecule of ATP attached to the myosin head.

Facts about ATP 4: the mammals and ATP

The constant body temperature is maintained by using ATP.  The ways the mammals maintain the temperature can be done by having hair standing on end. It is used to raise the temperature of body in mammals.  The way to release the heat is by shivering.

ATP Facts

ATP Facts

Facts about ATP 5: the hourly games

If you want to be successful to execute the hourly games using the speed, you need to make sure that the energy released by ATP is sufficient enough. Therefore, it can change action pump’s shape. Therefore, the transportation of sodium and potassium ions is smooth.

Facts about ATP 6: the reproduction

The reproduction system will be failed if the sperm does not have enough energy to move and reach the egg cell.  Actually the ATP gives the tail of the sperm energy to reach the egg cell.



Facts about ATP 7: mitochondria

Mitochondria are the place to produce the ATP.  In the eukaryotic cells, mitochondria are called as the site of the respiration.

Facts about ATP 8: Glycolysis

Glycolysis is the stage in which the presence of ATP is needed.

ATP Process

ATP Process

Facts about ATP 9: the glucose

The glucose in the body can be processed using ATP. If there is no ATP, the glucose will be passed out in the urine system. Check Artery facts here.

Facts about ATP 10: the ATP for darkness

When you are in the dark, we can see the object because ATP can re-synthesise rhodopsin.

Facts about ATP

Facts about ATP

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