10 Facts about Atticus Finch

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Find out the fictional character in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by reading Facts about Atticus Finch. This novel is very famous in the world. It was published in 1960 and written by Harper Lee. Due to the wonderful story, the writer was awarded with Pulitzer Prize. Have you read the novel before? If you have not read it, you can check first the interesting functional character in novel, Atticus Flinch. Here are some interesting Atticus Finch facts for you:

Facts about Atticus Finch 1: who is Atticus Finch?

Based on the novel, Atticus Finch lived in Maycomb County, Alabama. He worked as a lawyer. He had two children. Both are Jeremy Finch and Jean Louise Finch.

Facts about Atticus Finch 2: Amasa Coleman Lee

Amasa Coleman Lee is the father of Harper Lee. He made the character Atticus Finch based on his father. His father was an Alabama lawyer.  He was just like Atticus Finch who worked hard as the representative for the black defendants in the publicized criminal trial.

Atticus Finch Facts

Atticus Finch Facts

Facts about Atticus Finch 3: the best functional character

Finch is one of the inspiring characters in the world. Do you know that it was selected as the seventh best fictional character in 20th century based on the Book Magazine?

Facts about Atticus Finch 4: the greatest hero

Atticus Finch also gains the title as the greatest hero in American film based on the American Film Institute in 2003. Gregory Peck portrayed the character Atticus Finch in the movie.


Atticus Finch Movie

Atticus Finch Movie

Facts about Atticus Finch 5: the major judicial influence

Atticus Finch is often treated as a real person. This character also has an impact in the legal professional. One of the judges influenced by him is Richard Match.

Facts about Atticus Finch 6: Monroe Freedman

Monroe Freedman is the professor of law. There were two articles that he published about Atticus Finch which encouraged the people to set away Atticus Find as a role model. His articles can be seen in Legal Times in 1992. His opinion was very controversial because some lawyers who considered him as a hero rejected his opinion. Freedman believed that Finch was sexist, unethical and dishonest. Get facts about Alan Ayckbourn here.

Facts about Atticus Finch

Facts about Atticus Finch

Facts about Atticus Finch 7: a monument

A monument to honor Atticus Finch was erected in Monroeville by the Alabama State Bar in 1997.

Facts about Atticus Finch 8: the film adaptation

Due to the popularity of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, it was adapted into a movie in 1962.

Atticus Finch Pic

Atticus Finch Pic

Facts about Atticus Finch 9: Best Actor

Due to his performance in the movie, Peak was awarded as the Best Actor in Academy Awards. Get facts about American Dad here.

Facts about Atticus Finch 10: Empire magazine

Empire magazine picked Finch as one of 100 Greatest Movie Characters.

Atticus Finch Role

Atticus Finch Role

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