10 Facts about Attila the Hun

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Facts about Attila the Hun tell you about the famous ruler of the Huns. His power lied from the Ural River to Rhine River. He also ruled the region from Danube River to Baltic Sea. He was the leader in Hunnic Empire who was born in 434. He passed away in March 453. The western and eastern Roman empires feared this ruler. Even though he could capture Danube, he could not capture Constantinople. Get more facts about Attila the Hun below:

Facts about Attila the Hun 1: the campaign in Persia

In 441, he had a successful campaign in Persia. Therefore, he shifted the invasion to the eastern Roman Empire. He was successful to execute the invasion which enabled him to enlarge his invasion to the West.

Facts about Attila the Hun 2: the Roman Gaul

The Roman Gaul is the modern France today. Attila wanted to capture the Roman Gaul by crossing the Rhine in 451. However, during the battle of Catalaunian Plains, he was defeated.

Attila the Hun Facts

Attila the Hun Facts

Facts about Attila the Hun 3: the death of Attila the Hun

Before his death in 453, Attila had a plan to conquer Rome, but he could not do it.

Facts about Attila the Hun 4: the appearance of Attila

The description of Attila’s appearance can be seen on the description explained by Priscus. He stated that Attila had broad chest and large head with short stature. He had flat nose, small eyes and tanned skin. His beard was thin.

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun

Facts about Attila the Hun 5: the East Asian

Based on those descriptions, many scholars believed that Attila was an East Asian.  They also believed that the ancestors of Attila probably were from East Asia.

Facts about Attila the Hun 6: who was the Hun?

The Huns were depicted as a group of Eurasian nomads.  The Huns were from east of Volga.  In 370, they migrated to Europe and established an empire there.

Facts about Attila the Hun

Facts about Attila the Hun

Facts about Attila the Hun 7: the military technique

The Huns had the unique military techniques. They focused on the usage of javelin throwing and mounted archery. Check Ashoka facts here.

Facts about Attila the Hun 8: the father of Attila

Mundzuk was the father of Attila the Huns. He was the bother of King Octar and King Rugila. In the beginning of 5th century, they joined together to rule the Hunnic Empire.

Attila the Hun Painting

Attila the Hun Painting

Facts about Attila the Hun 9: a great and noble king

Attila the Hun is always depicted by as noble king in the chronicles and histories. Get facts about Atahualpa here.

Facts about Attila the Hun 10: the important role

If you want to know his important role, you can check Atlakviða, Völsungasaga and Atlamál.

Attila the Hun Pic

Attila the Hun Pic

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