10 Facts about Auckland

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If you want to know the city located in the North Island of New Zealand, you have to look at Facts about Auckland.   It is occupied by at least 1,413,700 people. The population in Auckland contributed to 31 percent of the population in New Zealand. Therefore, it is called as the most populous urban area in New Zealand. If you are curious to find out the leisure and culture in Auckland, check the detail post below:

Facts about Auckland 1: the harbors

There are two harbors located in Auckland. Actually it is very rare for a city to have two harbors located in different bodies of water.

Facts about Auckland 2: the mixture of culture in Auckland

If you stay in Auckland, don’t be surprised with various cultures that you can learn here.  Most European people who live here are the Irish or British descents. You can also find the Asian and Maori communities with their unique cultures.

Auckland At Night

Auckland At Night

Facts about Auckland 3: the Polynesian people

Compared to any other cities in the world, Auckland takes the record with the largest Polynesian population who lives in this city.

Facts about Auckland 4: the lifestyle

The land area in Auckland affects the lifestyle of the people who live here. 90 percent of the people decide to live in the urban area even though 70 percent of Auckland is rural area.

Auckland Beach

Auckland Beach

Facts about Auckland 5: what makes Auckland Interesting?

People love to stay in Auckland for several reasons. This city gives great educational opportunities, plenty employment, mild climate and a lot leisure facilities. You will never get bored living in Auckland.

Facts about Auckland 6: the drawback of living in Auckland

Even though Auckland has several positive limelights, don’t forget to notice the drawback of living in Auckland. The cost for the house is increased from time to time. The city has lack of good public transport. Don’t get surprised if you are involved in traffic problem. Get facts about Assisi Italy here.

Auckland Facts

Auckland Facts

Facts about Auckland 7: the nickname

The famous nickname for Auckland is the city of Sails. It gets this name due to the popularity of sailing in Auckland.

Facts about Auckland 8: yachts

Do you know that there are at least 135,000 yachts registered in the city? In New Zealand, there are 149,900 registered yachtsmen. Do you know that 60,500 of them are from Auckland?

Facts about Auckland

Facts about Auckland

Facts about Auckland 9: America’s Cup challenges

America’s Cup challenges in 2000 and 2003 were conducted in Viaduct Basin, Auckland. Check Athens facts here.

Facts about Auckland 10: the popular retail areas

Some of the popular retail areas that you can visit in Auckland include Parnell, Newmarket, Karangahape Road, Queen Street, and Britomart.

Auckland Trip

Auckland Trip

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