10 Facts about Audie Murphy

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Facts about Audie Murphy talk about the American hero during the World War II. Murphy was born on 20 June 1925 and passed away on 28 May 1971. He is one of the famous combat soldiers in the world who got the military award not only from his home country, United States but also from Belgium and France due to his heroic act. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Murphy in the following post below:

Facts about Audie Murphy 1: Medal of Honor

He was awarded with Medal of Honor at the age of 19. It was due to his heroic action when he held off the Germany soldiers for an hour in January 1945 at Colmar Pockets with single hands. Even though he was out of the ammunition and wounded, the counterattack under his command was successful. Find out another military figure in Alvin C York facts.

Facts about Audie Murphy 2: the family background

The life of the young Murphy was not good. He was abandoned by his father. When he was in the teen age, his mother died.

Facts about Audie Murphy

Facts about Audie Murphy

Facts about Audie Murphy 3: supporting the family

To support the family he worked by picking up cotton after he left the school in the fifth grade. Then he found other jobs.

Facts about Audie Murphy 4: the birth date

In order to join the military, he asked his sister to falsify the birth date in his document. He had to do it to fit the minimum age to be enlisted in the military. He was enlisted in the army after being rejected by the Marine Corps and Navy. Get facts about army here.

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy

Facts about Audie Murphy 5: the first action

The Allied invasion of Sicily and Battle Anzio were the first action of his. He also participated in the liberation of Roman as well as the southern France’s invasion in 1944.

Facts about Audie Murphy 6: the successful combat

He enjoyed a successful combat when he led his men at the L’Omet quarry in October.

Audie Murphy Pic

Audie Murphy Pic

Facts about Audie Murphy 7: the acting career

Murphy had an acting career when he was 21 years old.  In 1949, he had his memoirs with the title To Hell and Back. It was adapted as an autobiographical movie in 1955. Murphy’s movies were mostly western.

Facts about Audie Murphy 8: the interesting talents and skills

It is quite fascinating to know that Murphy also got a role in Whispering Smith. You can also see his face as a guest appearance in various TV shows.

Audie Murphy Facts

Audie Murphy Facts

Facts about Audie Murphy 9: songwriter

Another career that he had was as a songwriter. He created several songs.

Facts about Audie Murphy 10: horse racing

Murphy also participated in horse racing. He had horses in Arizona and California.

Audie Murphy Soldier

Audie Murphy Soldier

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