10 Facts about Audrey Tautou

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Facts about Audrey Tautou present the famous French actress and model. She was born on 9 August 1976 with the full name Audrey Justine Tautou. When she was 17 years old, an agent signed her. She was debuted in television at the age of 18. Then you can see her debut film in 1999 Venus Beauty Institute which gained her a critical acclaim. Due to her role in Venus Beauty Institute, she was awarded Most Promising Actress by Cesar Award. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Audrey Tautou Below:

Facts about Audrey Tautou 1: other movies

After her appearance in Venus Beauty Institute, she got various roles. You can see her in Le Libertin and Happenstance in 2000. The movie Amelie takes her into the international fame after it receives a box office success.

Facts about Audrey Tautou 2: awards

There are many awards that Tautou had. There were several awards that Amelie had. Those include four Cesar awards, European films awards, and Two BAFTA awards. This movie is also made the nomination list of Academy Awards. Get facts about Ashley Tisdale here.

Facts about Audrey Tautou

Facts about Audrey Tautou

Facts about Audrey Tautou 3: genres

There are various genres of movies that she plays. If you want to see her romantic movie, check Priceless. If you want to know her thriller movies, you can watch the Da Vinci Code and Dirty Pretty Things.

Facts about Audrey Tautou 4: the critical acclaim

Besides the movie Venus Beauty Institute and Amelie, she also received the critical acclaim in her movie Coco avant Chanel and A Very Long Engagement.

Audrey Tautou Pic

Audrey Tautou Pic

Facts about Audrey Tautou 5: AMPAS

In June 2004, she was invited in AMPAS or Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Actually she was one of the few French actresses who get this honor.

Facts about Audrey Tautou 6: model

She is not only an actress but also a model. You can see her in L’Oréal, Montblanc and Chanel.

Audrey Tautou Hair

Audrey Tautou Hair

Facts about Audrey Tautou 7: parents

Let’s talk about her family life. Her mother works as a teacher, while his father is a dental surgeon.

Facts about Audrey Tautou 8: acting

Tautou loved acting since she was a kid. Therefore, she went to Cours Florent and took an acting class there. Get Ashley Banjo facts here.

Audrey Tautou Facts

Audrey Tautou Facts

Facts about Audrey Tautou 9: Coco avant Chanel

Coco avant Chanel is a biopic movie about Coco Chanel, the famous designer. Audrey took the character of Coco Chanel.

Facts about Audrey Tautou 10: music video

Charlie Winston was the British singer song writer. You can see his clip I Love Your Smile, with Audrey as the model.

Audrey Tautou Actress

Audrey Tautou Actress

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