10 Facts about August Macke

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Learn more Facts about August Macke if you are interested with the famous artist in the world. Macke is well known as a member of Der Blaue Reite. It is the German expressionist Group. He was born on 3 January 1887 and died on 26 September 1914.  He experienced the successful movement of German art which included the expressionist and avant garde movement. Let’s find the facts about Macke’s personal life, career and early in the post below:

Facts about August Macke 1: his painting style

If you check his painting style, you will know the smart way that Macke did to incorporate avant garde elements into his works of art.

Facts about August Macke 2: date of birth

August Macke was born on 3 January 1887 in Meschede, Westphalia. His full name was August Robert Ludwig Macke.

Facts about August Macke

Facts about August Macke

Facts about August Macke 3: parents

The name of his mother was Maria Floretine. She came from a farming family who lived in Westphalia’s Sauerland region. His father was a building contractor and an amateur artist named August Friedrich Hermann Macke.

Facts about August Macke 4: education

After the birth of August, the family decided to relocate in Cologne. In 1897 till 1900, he attended Kreuzgymnasium. In that school, he befriended with Hans Thuar. In the future, Thuar was an artist too.

August Macke Facts

August Macke Facts

Facts about August Macke 5: moving to Bonn

The family relocated to Bonn in 1900.  He was 13 at that time. Then he went to Realgymnasium where he met Walter Gerhardt in that school.  He knew Elisabeth, Gerhardt’s sister. Both married few years later.

Facts about August Macke 6: the inspirations

Macke got his inspiration and impression of artistic works when he saw the Japanese prints of Thuar’s father, his father’s drawings and Arnold Böcklin’s works of art. Get facts about Audrey Flack here.

August Macke Painting

August Macke Painting

Facts about August Macke 7: the famous paintings of Macke

If you are interested to know the famous painting of Macke, you can check Staudacher’s house at the Tegernsee, The artist’s wife in blue hat, Vegetable fields, St. Mary’s with houses and chimney, Landschaft am Tegernsee mit lesendem Mann, Staudacher’s house at the Tegernsee, Lady in a Green Jacket, and Leute am blauen.

Facts about August Macke 8: August Macke Prize

The districts Arnsberg, Brilon, Olpe and Meschede gave the August Macke Prize for the first time in 1959.

August Macke

August Macke

Facts about August Macke 9: August-Macke-Haus

In 1991, a museum to honor August Macke was established. It was named August-Macke-Haus. The location of the museum was at the former home of Macke in Bonn. In 1911 to 1914, he lived there.

Facts about August Macke 10: Im Bazar

Im Bazar was sold in the price of £3.96 million at Christie’s auction.

August Macke Artist

August Macke Artist

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