10 Facts about Austin Dabney

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Here are some Facts about Austin Dabney to learn. This person was well-known due to his involvement in Revolutionary War. There are several things that you should know about him.

Facts about Austin Dabney 1: the Early Life

He was born as a slave in North Carolina. It was in the 1760s. Dabney moved to Wilkes Country with his master. His master wanted to avoid military service so he sent Dabney as a substitute. Dabney served as an artilleryman.

Facts about Austin Dabney 2: the Battle of Kettle Creek

He was the only black man to participate in such grand battle. The battle took place near Washington. It was one of the biggest battles in Georgia. Dabney fought well in this war. Get facts about Cyrus the Great here.

Austin Dabney Facts

Austin Dabney Facts

Facts about Austin Dabney 3: the Wounds

Austin Dabney was wounded badly during the Battle of Kettle Creek. Fortunately, a white soldier took care of him. The name was Giles Harris. Find facts about Crazy Horse here.

Facts about Austin Dabney 4: the Land

He became the only African American that received fifty acres of land in 1786. He got it from the state of Georgia. It’s because his participation during the Revolution. He also got a liberation from his owner.

Austin Dabney Grave

Austin Dabney Grave

Facts about Austin Dabney 5: Giles Harris

Harris helped him when he was injured in the war. Later, Dabney decided to work for Harris. He also helped Harris’ son financially to attend the University of Georgia.

Facts about Austin Dabney 6: the Land Lottery

Even though Dabney was a war veteran, he wasn’t allowed to join any land lotteries in Georgia. Still, he got an extra 112 acres in 1821. It was in Walton Country.

Austin Dabney Pic

Austin Dabney Pic

Facts about Austin Dabney 7: the Uproar

The residents of Madison County started to feel unrest. They felt that all blacks and whites shouldn’t be regarded the same when it comes to land allocation.

Facts about Austin Dabney 8: the Pension

Apart from the 2 land grants, he also received a federal pension in 1789. The amount increased annually. It’s a compensation for the injury he got in the battle of Kettle Creek.

Austin Dabney Images

Austin Dabney Images

Facts about Austin Dabney 9: the Friendship

Harris family and Dabney built a strong relationship. It continued for the rest of their life. In Dabney’s honor, William Harris named a son Austin Dabney Harris.

Facts about Austin Dabney 10: the Death

He died in 1830. He left all his property and land to Harris. Dabney was buried in Pike County in the Harris family plot.

Facts about Austin Dabney

Facts about Austin Dabney

Facts about Austin Dabney are helpful for you, right?

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