10 Facts about Australia Day

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Australia Day if you want to know the official national day of Australia. On 26 January, the people in Australia celebrate the national day annually. The day was used to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet of British fleet at Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788. At that time, Governor Arthur Phillip also raised the flag of Great Britain in the site. Check out more facts about Australia Day below:

Facts about Australia Day 1: the celebration today

The meaning of the celebration today is used to celebrate the landscape of the nation and the diverse society in Australia. The activities that the people do during the national Australia day include the official community awards, reflection on Australian history, community and family events and citizenship ceremonies.

Facts about Australia Day 2: the name

There are various names to call the Australia Day. Some people call it ANA Day, Foundation Day, Invasion Day and Anniversary Day.

Facts about Australia Day

Facts about Australia Day

Facts about Australia Day 3: the proclamation of British sovereignty

The proclamation of British sovereignty on the eastern seaboard of Australia happened on 26 January 1788. Today, it is called as New Holland.

Facts about Australia Day 4: the record of the celebration

The celebration of Australia Day is not new. On 27 January 1808, there was a record of this celebration even though at that time people did not call it as Australia Day. In 1818, the people had the first official celebration. Get facts about Australian federation here.

Australia Day

Australia Day

Facts about Australia Day 5: the modern Australia

The birth of Modern Australia took place on the New Year’s Day in 1901. The federation of Australia was established by the British Colonies.

Facts about Australia Day 6: the name Australia Day

The name Australia Day was adopted by the Australian people since 1935. In 1994, the people in all states and territories in Australia consistently celebrated the day.

Australia Day Pic

Australia Day Pic

Facts about Australia Day 7: the contemporary Australia

The contemporary Australia has their point of view when celebrating the day.  It is used for announcement of the Australia Day Honors list and presentation of the Australian of the Year Awards on Australia Day Eve.

Facts about Australia Day 8: public holiday

If the Australia Day falls on the weekend, people will use it as the public holiday where they can enjoy citizenship ceremonies, concerts and community festivals.

Australia Day Flag

Australia Day Flag

Facts about Australia Day 9: the participation of the people

It was reported that 25.6 percent of the people celebrated the Australia day with family and friends based on a research in 2007.

Facts about Australia Day 10: events

The interesting events in Australia day include sport competitions, outdoor concerts, fireworks, festivals, and community barbeques.

Australia Day Facts

Australia Day Facts

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