10 Facts about Australian Convicts

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Facts about Australian Convicts inform you with the history of Australia. There were around 162,000 convicts transported to several penal colonies in Australia in 1788 until 1868.  This policy was created by the British government. In 17th century, the criminals were started to be transported into the overseas colonies by the British government. Check other interesting facts about Australian convicts below:

Facts about Australian Convicts 1: the alternative site

The British government tried to look for an alternative site because of the American independence in 1770s. They could not transfer the criminals to America due to its independence.

Facts about Australian Convicts 2: James Cook

The east coast of Australia was charted and claimed for Britain by James Cook in 1770 because the site was not inhabited. Get facts about British Colonization in Australia here.

Facts about Australian Convicts

Facts about Australian Convicts

Facts about Australian Convicts 3: Botany Bay

On 20 January 1788, the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay.  They were here to establish the first European settlement in Australia by founding Sydney.

Facts about Australian Convicts 4: other penal colonies

When the settlement grew bigger, other penal colonies were established in Australia. Those included Western Australia, Queensland, and Van Diemen’s Land.

Australian Convicts

Australian Convicts

Facts about Australian Convicts 5: the peak of the penal transportation

In 1830s, the penal transportation was at its peak. In the next decade, the penal transportation was decreased. On 10 January 1868, the last ship which carried convicts arrived in Western Australia.

Facts about Australian Convicts 6: the crimes

Many convicts transported from Britain to Australia conducted petty crimes. There were some political prisoners transported here. The convicts with serious crime like murder and rape were not transported to Australia. Check Australia facts here.

Australian Convicts Life

Australian Convicts Life

Facts about Australian Convicts 7: the prison terms

After the convicts served their prison term by living in Australia, most of them decided to stay here. There is no need to wonder that 20 percent of the Australian people today are descended from the convicts. Today, the people descended from convict are proud about it for the convict era is a part of the national character and national history of Australia. They celebrate it.

Facts about Australian Convicts 8: the overcrowded Britain

One of the main reasons why convicts transported to Australia was due to the overcrowded population and crime.

Australian Convict

Australian Convict

Facts about Australian Convicts 9: the condition in Britain in 17th century

Let’s find out the condition of Britain in 17th century.  London was filled with a lot of social injustice, poverty, dirty living place, crime and child labor.

Facts about Australian Convicts 10: the notable convicts

The notable convicts of Australia were Esther Abrahams, James Blackburn, William Buckley, Samuel Barsby, Martin Cash and John Cadman.

Australian Convict Image

Australian Convict Image

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