10 Facts about Australian Deserts

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Facts about Australian Deserts inform you with significant landmass in Australia. This country is considered as one of the driest places to live in the world. Australia is a home to various kinds of desert. In the past, people had to struggle to live in Australia due to the unique landscape. The desert is very dry for it only receives little rainfall per year. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Australian desert below:

Facts about Australian Deserts 1: the total area of the Australia desert

Do you know that 18 percent of the land in mainland Australia is occupied by the desert? If you want to know the desert, you can go to the western area or interior lowland.

Facts about Australian Deserts 2: the smallest desert in Australia

Pedirka Desert is considered as the smallest one. It occupies 480 square miles.  It is situated in South Australia.

Australian Desert Map

Australian Desert Map

Facts about Australian Deserts 3: Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert is considered as the largest single desert in Australia.  It occupies four percent of the whole landmass in Australia. The total area of the desert is 163,900 square miles. The location of this desert is in southern part of Western Australia.

Facts about Australian Deserts 4: the classification

Can you tell me the classification of all deserts that you find in Australia? Most of them are the subtropical deserts based on the atmospheric circulation.

Australian Deserts

Australian Deserts

Facts about Australian Deserts 5: the rainfall and temperature

The deserts in the world which include the Australian deserts have low level of precipitation.  The temperature of the deserts is very high.  The hottest one can reach 122 degrees.

Facts about Australian Deserts 6: the level of rainfall

The level of precipitation of deserts in Australia is very low. It receives less than 10 inches of rainfall per year.  The area which sits near the coast has more level of precipitation. Get facts about Australia here.

Australian Desert

Australian Desert

Facts about Australian Deserts 7: the fauna

Most animals which live in Australia desert are nocturnal animals. They have to adapt with the extreme condition in the desert. They are active at night because the temperature is cooler than the day.

Facts about Australian Deserts 8: when the day comes?

The animals will spend their time hiding inside the burrows to save the body from the heat.

Facts about Australian Deserts

Facts about Australian Deserts

Facts about Australian Deserts 9: the famous animals

Some animals which live here include the bilby and perentie lizard. Get facts about Australian animals here.

Facts about Australian Deserts 10: the birds

The birds will get the water from the seeds.  To reach the very long distance to get food, the kangaroos will hop.

Australian Desert Tour

Australian Desert Tour

Are you impressed reading facts about Australian desert?

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