10 Facts about Australian Federation

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Facts about Australian Federation talk about the system of federalism in Australia. This system was established after the six colonies in Australia agreed to establish the commonwealth of Australia. The colonies include New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. Get more facts about the federation of Australia by reading the following post below:

Facts about Australian Federation 1: the system

The matters involving the whole nation will be the main concern of the federal government. Each colony also has their own system of government which includes the bicameral legislatures

Facts about Australian Federation 2: the commonwealth of Australia

The commonwealth of Australia is established on 1 January 1901. It was the time when the constitution of Australia was into force.

Facts about Australian Federation

Facts about Australian Federation

Facts about Australian Federation 3: the support

The formation of the Australian federation only gained a little support in the mid 19th century.  In 1890s, there were several conventions held to create the commonwealth constitution. During the process, the Premier of New South Wales named Sir Henry Parkes played an important part.

Facts about Australian Federation 4: Fiji and New Zealand

The process of making the commonwealth of Australia also involved New Zealand and Fiji at the first time. However, both did not have any intention to join the federation.

Australian Federation Pic

Australian Federation Pic

Facts about Australian Federation 5: Sir Edmund Barton

Another important person in the Australian federation was Sir Edmund Barton. In 1901, he became the caretaker Prime Minister of Australia for the inaugural election. He got the prime ministerial role after the election.

Facts about Australian Federation 6: the movement of the Federation

The movement of federation was very serious in the end of 1880s. People began to call themselves as Australian. The level of nationalism among the people in Australia increased. Most of them were among the native born people.

Australian Federation Image

Australian Federation Image

Facts about Australian Federation 7: the Australian

The idea of becoming an Australian was very popular from time to time. The people began to celebrate it in poems and songs.

Facts about Australian Federation 8: influence

The establishment of Australian federation also influenced other countries in the world such as Canada, United States, Switzerland and Argentina.

Australian Federation Facts

Australian Federation Facts

Facts about Australian Federation 9: Federal Council body

Federal Council body was proposed in 1867 by Sir Henry Parkes. At that time, he was the Colonial Secretary of New South Wales. However, his idea was rejected. In 1880, he brought the issue again in a conference. Get facts about Australia here.

Facts about Australian Federation 10: the topic of conference

Besides talking about the federation, there were other issues discussed in conference such as Chinese immigration, communication and uniform traffic rates.

Australian Federation Coins

Australian Federation Coins

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