10 Facts about Australian Government

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By learning Facts about Australian Government, you will know the system of the Australian authority. They use the federal democratic administrative authority in Australia. It refers to the Commonwealth government or Australian government. In 1901, the commonwealth of Australia was established. It is a federal constructional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. There were six colonies in Australia which agreed to become six states in commonwealth of Australia.

Facts about Australian Government 1: the ratification

The decision to create a federation of the commonwealth of Australia was based on the ratification of the people of the colonies who were present at the referendums.  You can also see the term in Australian constitution.

Facts about Australian Government 2: the structure of Australia government

Can you guess the structure of the Australian government? There are two concepts about it. It talks about the separation of powers divided into judicial, executive and legislative branches of Australian movement. The next one talks about the federalism. Get facts about Australia here.

Australian Government Facts

Australian Government Facts

Facts about Australian Government 3: the separation of power

There are several chapters included in three branches of the government based on the structure that you find in the Australian constitution.

Facts about Australian Government 4: Australian federal system

Now let’s find out the federal system employed by the Australian government. You can find the important elements of the Westminster and U.S. systems. Find out facts about Australian Parliament here.

Facts about Australian Government

Facts about Australian Government

Facts about Australian Government 5: Section 1 of the Australian Constitution

The legislature is created in democratic form if you check Section 1 of the Australian Constitution.  The Queen of Australian and two houses are in the bicameral parliament of Australia. The two houses are the House of Representative and Senate.

Facts about Australian Government 6: the constitution

Each state in Australia has their own constitution. Therefore, this country has 7 sovereign parliaments.

Australian Government

Australian Government

Facts about Australian Government 7: the change in the constitution

The changes in the constitution can be proposed by the commonwealth parliament. This proposal of change in the constitution should be applied in a referendum.

Facts about Australian Government 8: the self governing territories

Besides having the states, Australia also have several territories. The Northern territory, Australian Capital Territory and Norfolk Island are the three self governing territories in Australia.

Australian Government Pic

Australian Government Pic

Facts about Australian Government 9: other territories in Australia

The Jervis Bay, Cocos Island and Christmas Island are not self governing territories in Australia. The commonwealth law governs those areas.

Facts about Australian Government 10: House of Representatives

The member of the house of representative is picked based on the differing population of the States in Australia.  There is no need to wonder that Tasmania only has five members, while New South Wales has 48 members.

Australian Government Flag

Australian Government Flag

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