10 Facts about Australian Rainforests

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If you want to know the dense, hot and tall forest, check Facts about Australian Rainforests. The location of the Australia forest is near the equator. This area gets a ton of amount of rainfall per year. There is no need to wonder that you can find many green living trees in Australia forests

Facts about Australian Rainforests 1: the total forest in Australia

Do you know that Australia has 147 hectares of native forest?  Some native forests are dominated by the softwoods.  You can find most forests are dominated with hardwood. Pine is a type of softwood, while eucalypt is the example of hardwood.

Facts about Australian Rainforests 2: the types of forest in Australia

Actually you can find not only rainforest in Australia. It is also a home to mangrove forest, melaleuca forests, casuarinas forest, acacia forest and Ecalypt forest.

Facts about  Australian Rainforests

Facts about Australian Rainforests

Facts about Australian Rainforests 3: who can manage the rainforest in Australia?

The responsibility to manage the Australian rainforest is gifted for the territories and states in Australia. 1992 National Forest Policy Statement will be the guidance to maintain the forest in Australia. Find out facts about Australian Government here.

Facts about Australian Rainforests 4: the total rainforest

The total rainforest in Australia is around 900,000 square hectares. It is called as one of the pristine forests in the world. The fauna and flora in the rainforest are unique.

Australian Rainforest

Australian Rainforest

Facts about Australian Rainforests 5: how can you find the rainforest in Australia?

The rainforest in Australia is located along the coastline of the tropical north Queensland for more than 500 kilometers.

Facts about Australian Rainforests 6: one of the oldest rainforests in the world

Australian rainforest is considered as one of the oldest rainforests in the world even though it only has a small size. It has been the place of living for flora and fauna for more than 415 million years.

Australian Rainforest Pic

Australian Rainforest Pic

Facts about Australian Rainforests 7: the precipitation

Do you know that forest is included as a rainforest if it has at least 1.3 meters of rain annually? The amount of precipitation in Australian rainforest is around 1.2 meters to 3 meters per year. Most rain falls are in December to March. It is during the summer months.

Facts about Australian Rainforests 8: the plant species in Australian rainforest

The tropical rainforest in Australia is the home to more than 2,800 plant species. It is occupied by 30 percent of orchid species, 65 percent of Australian ferns and 21 percent of cycads. Get facts about Australian animals here.

Australian Rainforest Image

Australian Rainforest Image

Facts about Australian Rainforests 9: fauna

The animals in the Australia forest are the bird, frog, and freshwater fish, mammals, marsupials, butterflies, reptiles and bat species.

Facts about Australian Rainforests 10: World Heritage area

There are more 200 rare plants inside the Australian rainforest protected under the world Heritage.

Australian Rainforest and Water

Australian Rainforest and Water

Are you fascinated with facts about Australian rainforest?

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