10 Facts about autumn

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Facts about autumn tell you about one of the important seasons in the world. Do you know that it was called as the hectic beauty of the death? In the ancient time, the good harvest was very important to the life of the people. Therefore, they made sacrifice to please the gods. You can see the human sacrifices were conducted by the Aztecs in ancient Mexico. Find out more interesting facts about autumn below:

Facts about Autumn 1: aurora season

NASA has they own opinion about autumn. They call this season as the aurora season. During the fall season, the geomagnetic storms are twice bigger than the other seasons. Get facts about auroras here.

Facts about Autumn 2: the testosterone level

Do you know that the season affects the level of testosterone of men and women? When the autumn comes, they have highest level of testosterone.

Facts about Autumn

Facts about Autumn

Facts about Autumn 3: the attractive women

The recent survey find out that women are more attractive in the cooler season based on the men’s point of view.  The scientists believe that it is due to the increased level of testosterone on men.

Facts about Autumn 4: the chlorophyll

The chlorophyll is not produced by the leaves during the autumn due to the colder temperature and less light. Therefore, you can find many leaves of trees are in the color of yellow or orange.

Autumn Season

Autumn Season

Facts about Autumn 5: the light changes

During the autumn, the light changes can be seen clearly. It definitely affects the mating habit. Do you know that the testes of the male Siberian hamster are 17 times bigger? It prepares the body to do mating.

Facts about Autumn 6: the birds

During the fall season, birds prepare for the winter migration. The Arctic terns perform one of the longest migrations. It will take the journey around 11,000 miles.

Autumn Pic

Autumn Pic

Facts about Autumn 7: fall or autumn?

The British often use the word autumn. The Americans choose the word fall.  Both are related each other and have been used since 16th century. Actually before we use the words autumn or fall, it is called harvest season.

Facts about Autumn 8: the people in the equator

It is very unfortunate to know that the people who live in or near the equator never experience autumn season.

Autumn Facts

Autumn Facts

Facts about Autumn 9: the northern hemisphere

The season lasts in September, October and November for the people who live in Northern Hemisphere.

Facts about Autumn 10: the southern hemisphere

The people who live in the southern hemisphere can enjoy autumn in March, April and May. Check facts about April here.

Autumn Beauty

Autumn Beauty

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