10 Facts about Avalanches

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Facts about Avalanches present the details about the snowslip or snowslide.  This disaster occurs when there is rapid flow of snow coming from a sloping surface. This condition is very dangerous for it can sweep all items passed by the snow. Avalanches usually consist of air and snow. But in some cases, they can take the trees, rocks, ice and other materials. The most common accidents of avalanches take place during the spring and winter seasons. But they can present in any time of the year if the regions have the glacier movements. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Avalanches below:

Facts about Avalanches 1: the risk

The risk of experiencing avalanches is higher for those who live in the mountainous areas. It is considered as one of the deadliest disasters in the world because the high speed avalanches may destroy the property or even kill people.

Facts about Avalanches 2: how to describe Avalanches

The experts describe avalanches from the destructive potential, size, composition, initiation mechanism and dynamics. Get facts about Australian floods here.

Avalanche Disaster

Avalanche Disaster

Facts about Avalanches 3: the causes of avalanches

Let’s find out the causes of avalanches. During the storms, the avalanches may take place due to the increased amount of snowfall. The solar radiation may cause avalanches too for it can make the snowpack melts. Other causes of avalanches include the ice fall, heavy rain, earthquake and rock fall. The activities conducted by human beings may trigger avalanches such as snow mobiles and skiers.

Facts about Avalanches 4: the death toll

In average, avalanches killed around 150 people in the world per year.

Avalanches Facts

Avalanches Facts

Facts about Avalanches 5: the speed

The speed of avalanches is very high. It can reach the highest speed at 130 km per hour or 80 miles per hour.

Facts about Avalanches 6: the types of avalanches

Avalanches are divided in three types based on the risk. It can be low, medium or high. If you decide to ski in the mountain, check the type of avalanches in the area.

Avalanches Pic

Avalanches Pic

Facts about Avalanches 7: Alpine Avalanches

In 218 BC, the Alpine avalanches took place. It occurred at the Italian Alps which killed 2,000 horses and 18,000 soldiers. This disaster occurred when the Carthaginian general named Hannibal crossed the Alps with his army.

Facts about Avalanches 8: Avalanches in US

In 1910, the avalanche happened in US. It was from the Cascade Mountain in Wellington, Washington which swept 96 people inside the train.

Facts about Avalanches

Facts about Avalanches

Facts about Avalanches 9: Avalanche in Peru

Another accident was in Peru in 1962.  There were nearly 4,000 people killed when the avalanche came down from Huascaran Peak of Andes Mountain.

Facts about Avalanches 10: the turbulent suspension currents

The turbulent suspension currents will be formed by the large avalanches. The speed can reach 300 km per hour.



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