10 Facts about Avatar

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Facts about Avatar tell you about the the famous epic science fiction film released in 2009. It is considered as one of the successful movies in the world.  This movie is often marketed as James Cameron’s Avatar.  He co-produced, co-edited, wrote and directed the movie. The movie is unique for you can see the depiction of the life in mid-22th century. Find out more interesting facts about Avatar by reading the following post below:

Facts about Avatar 1: the stars in the movies

You can find many famous stars in the movie such as Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver and Giovanni Ribisi.

Facts about Avatar 2: the setting

As I have stated before, Avatar is set in mid 22th century.  Pandora is the main setting in the movie. It is located in Alpha Centauri Star system. Pandora has lush habitat in the moon of a gas giant. The humans want to get unobtanium from the Pandora. Obtanium is a room temperature superconductor that the humans mine in Pandora. Find out another movie in facts about Attack on Titans.

Avatar Cast

Avatar Cast

Facts about Avatar 3: the mining

The mining in the Pandora makes the life of the local tribe called Na’vi threatened. They are the indigenous humanoid species of Pandora.

Facts about Avatar 4: how to interact with the Na’vi

The title of the movie, Avatar actually is referred to the Na’vi body used by the human when they want to interact and communicate with the local Na’vi people. Get Atticus Finch facts here.

Avatar Effect

Avatar Effect

Facts about Avatar 5: the development of Avatar

In 1994, the development of Avatar began.  Cameron had a plan to release the movie in 1999 after he made a release for Titanic in 1997. He had made the 80 pages for the Avatar movie. However, the movie was canceled because the technology at that time was not able to reach his vision.

Facts about Avatar 6: the language

In 2005, Cameron began to work on the language of the extraterrestrial beings. In the beginning of 2006, he worked on the functional universe and screenplay for the movie.

Avatar Facts

Avatar Facts

Facts about Avatar 7: budget

Can you guess the budget for Avatar movie?  The official release budget is $237 million. Some people estimate that it is budgeted around $280 to $310 for the production of the movie.

Facts about Avatar 8: the innovative film techniques

Avatar was very famous in the world due to the innovative filming techniques. In South Korean theaters, people could experience the 4D viewing. In many parts of the world, it was released in 3D viewing.

Facts about Avatar

Facts about Avatar

Facts about Avatar 9: positive review

Avatar gains positive reviews not only from the audiences but also from the critics.

Facts about Avatar 10: the income

Avatar takes the record as the first movie which can gross more than $2 billion. This movie got nine nominations for Academy awards.

Avatar Movie

Avatar Movie

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